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Hi people! First, I want say that my english is really horrible, but I will try write in the better form possible... :)

I'm a guide (I have 15 years old) of Campinas, So Paulo, in Brasil, and I'm from Aconcgua Patrol, of Andes Troup. I'm "Lis de Ouro" scout, the best level of a scout in my country.

I went to Nacional Jamboree, in Caucaia-Cear, in 2003 July and descovered that Brasil is very receptieve for international scouts, because we had 11 French visits, that loved the Jamboree.

Sometimes I question me why we never had a Jamboree in Brasil... The brazilian scouts are very receptieve and love work for the better...


Sorry my english, I hope taht you can undestand me.... :) :) ;)




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I understand and understood every word.

Great job.

Happy to hear that Scouts and Guides are alive and well in Brasil.

I don't know why there has not been a Jamboree in Brasil. It might be that there was one in Chile in 1998 / 1999. They try and spread them around a bit.

Welcome to the Forum.

I look forward to hearing what young people in Brasil are doing.

"One World One Promise"


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I am going to reply to our new friend in Portuguese it is not often I get to use my Portuguese


Oi Jana,


Tudo bem, eu acho que meu Portugues vai ser muito pior que seu Ingles. Eu morava por dois anos no Brasil tenho muitos saudades de la. Adoro seu pais, morei en Belo Horizonte tambiem en various cidades no norte de Sao Paulo como Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Riberao Preto, Bebedouro, y Votuporaga.


Nao tive o oportunidade de conhecer a programa de Escoteiros de Brasil quando eu morava la, gostaria aprender mais de como voces fazem as coisas la.


Eu so um lider(velho j) nos Boy Scouts aqui in Los Angeles California, moro pertinho de Hollywood e perto do mar. Gosto muito levar os jovens aos acampamentos e tal.


Como eu falei antes adoro muito Brasil, a gente la sim igual! O jeito de ser do brasileiro otimo. Nem me fala do comida, que saudade, me da agua na boca en s pensar nisso.


Bom j falei demais, seu ingles muito bom bemvindo ao nosso grupo.


Um abrao do seu novo amigo,



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For my new friend Johnsned: Seu portugus muito bom!!!! Bom saber que voc veio minha ptria e gostou!!! Eu moro em Campinas, muito perto de algumas cidades que voc visitou, como So Jos do Rio Preto e Ribeiro Preto!!! He, he, he, quanto a comida, ela boa mesmo!!! :) Voc chegou a esperimentar Feijoada e Guaran? He, he! Pena que no podemos fazer esse tipo de comida em acampamento!!!!

I love know that I have a good friend in EUA! "Good friends are how stars: Sometimes we can't see it, but you know that it is in the sky!"


And for my other friend Eamonn:


My group (SP(So paulo)64 G.E. Prola Byington)-and my leaders went to Jamboree in Chile, and they liked... We think that we can make a big show how the scouts of Chile, in Brasil, for all discover how is Brasil and its souts!!! I can put photos in frum? I want put a photo of my troup or my group in a acamp (we have a photo with a "tatu" and with a "lagarto", two brazilians animals), I and my friends in Brazilian Jamboree 2003, and a photo of my First Class journey with a snake and a falcon...



Very thanks for the good receptieve!!!! :p I hope can learn a lot of things with you!!!


"The nature give us two heards and one mouth for we know that we need heard two times more that we say!" (Zenon de Citium)




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Bienvenedos. Please accept my bow from deeply at my waist and accept my apologies for not knowing Portugese.


I would love to see a Jamboree in Brazil. I spent some time in South America in my youth and loved the Andes.


If there ever is one, I will do my best to be there.


Good luck to you and thank you for communicating with us!


Your friend,



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