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Aggressive Parent

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We have 3 daughters, 2 cadettes and a Junior,in the GSUSA Group, and a son in our Bear Den.


- My oldest daughter ( 2nd yr Cadette) has expressed concern about the changes to the Group leaders. She Was told with a wink to bring it up and vote on it at the next meeting.

- She also is planning meeting activities for the girls that cover both Junior and Cadette requirements so they can all work together as before.


- I am leaving it to the GSUSA Leaders. However as a parent I feel our opinion is just as valid as hers.


- Most of my interaction with the mother occurs through her son gravitating to our meeting room due to the boys and our Den Chief. I told her if he wanted to take part in our activities to sign him up with a troop and perhaps he could be another Den Chief. She informed me that he had been in Scouts and she felt our program is to strict and so she took him out. Which I feel may be a reason she wants to distance from us the Dens. We're little Boy Scouts.


We'll see how it all shakes out.


Yours in Cheerful Service,




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Hope it works out for everyone involved.

It's not that parents' opinions don't matter, but we always have to keep in mind what empowers our kids. At one point in his soccer career Son #1 was not happy about the time he spent on the varsity bench. I kinda agreed, and I know the coach would have been happy to hear from me about it. But, I told the boy to have a conversation with the coach about what he would have to improve in order to be called off the bench sooner.

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I was once unhappy with how my boys, hard workers both, were being treated by the Troop. I had a tiff with the SM and considered pulling out. Instead I had a sit down with my sons, explained my concerns and said it was up to them, that I would support them if they stayed or wanted to leave, and I wanted them to have an enjoyable scout career. They conceded the problems but elected to stick around and see how things work out. They were much more mature than I.

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