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Catholics Pivoting from GSUSA To American Heritage Girls?

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>>"Some will continue with a troop that meets somewhere else, some won't. Some of those who continue will fade.">"A few scoutin' families will continue with non-parish-associated troops, da rest of the girls will do other things."

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>>"Personally, I like the chartered partner/unit model --- but of course that's mostly what I'm familiar with.">"I've attended recruiting meetings by GSUSA organizers. They have a tough row to hoe getting new troops started, in my view, and existing troops can be expected to age out and fail as the girls grow older.">"The chartered partner/Troop/Pack model tends to be a durable one, with continuity that can go on for years with some support (like a Unit Commissioner) to help be sure that important things are done."

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Hello Scout Nut,



The Girl Scout recruiting night I attended was an area recruiting meeting. Probably thirty or so parents attended, many bringing children.


They were told that they would mostly have to start a program from scratch, since there were few existing troops interested in adding members.


That strikes me as a TALL order for parents to undertake.


An existing Cub Scout pack makes demands on parents for support, but usually has a place to meet, an ongoing program, other leaders to help carry out the program and so on.


I have my Cub Pack recruiting night scheduled and the plan of meetings and activities will be reviewed by our pack committee August 20th. It includes meetings and activities through the end of December.


I freely concede that I don't understand how Girl Scouts make their program work. The Cub Scout model seems a lot better to me.


But heck --- it's not like I'm dedicating myself to making trouble for Girls Scouts because I don't like some of their policies. They are welcome to do their own thing and good luck to them.

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Actually, it's not much different from forming a brand new Tiger den when parents are told step up and be a leader or no den for your boys.


While the SeattlePioneer Pack might plan out all of the den activities, and program for your dens, including Tiger, not all Cub Scout Packs are the same. Many just throw the new bunch of families in the deep end, and let them fend for themselves.


In GSUSA, there are folks that help new Troops get started.


School Organizers help new Troops in the school(s) they are responsible for.


Service Unit Managers help find a place to meet if a Troop can not meet in a home.


Area professionals help with paperwork, training, and getting the resources needed.


By attending Service Unit meetings in their area, new leaders can network with, and learn from, other leaders in their area.


As with BSA, GSUSA has resources in place to help new units get on their feet.


(This message has been edited by ScoutNut)

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