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GSUSA allowing trangender scouts

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What is funny or not funny about this is, if you do a search on facebook in the public section there is a person who went out for halloween dressed up as a preg brownie. This person doesn't have a child in scouts but wanted to make a point that this boy would be in the brownie level and look what might happen in the yrs to come.

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That's pre-judging the boy. (Sorry any TG types reading this, I tend to stick with anatomical-at-birth definitions.)


It's also not based on world-wide experience of co-ed movements. (Including girls on football teams, etc ...) Most teen pregnancies are a result of associations outside the organization.


Of course, most co-ed orgs don't publish their experiences with TG children, but I don't think the risk of unwanted pregnancy among group members is elevated because of them.


So, not looking at the FB page, and given the unlikely outcome (here's hoping), I'd say "Yeah, funny."

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