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Can a pregnant teen still be a Girl Scout?

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My son attends a very conservative Catholic high school. In their student handbook they address pregnancy. This very conservative Catholic school allows both the mother and the father to continue attending, fully engaged in the school - because they value education. They do not throw them out, they keep them in school.


I see this in a similar way - if a Girl Scout is pregnant, perhaps one of the things she needs most is the influence of a good Girl Scout Troop. There are moral teachings that she can pick up, skills she might need sooner than her sisters in the Troop, and lessons that she also can pass on to others.


It all depends on how you see Scouting. If you see it as just a fun extra curricular activity - then I can see telling the now-mom that she does not belong with this group (though I know lots of of moms involved in fun extra curricular activities). If you see Scouting as being MORE than just fun in the woods (the game with a PURPOSE), then you would hopefully want the mom to continue to be involved, receiving the lessons that Scouting hides in its program.

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I think I'm on the same page w/ Vicki here.


Sure, when you have a child, you do need to take that responsibility serious.


But, to say that Scouting is just a child's activity does a disservice to the value Scouting provides. If it's just something for kids to do then why bother teaching life skills to them?


I'd argue that a youth that has a child may need Scouting even more.






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In my personal experiences the parents who are active in their children's lives don't end up with pregnant daughters or son's who make a young lady pregnant.


An example we have couple whom we are friends with that would leave their 10 and 12 year old at home alone to go out to Jazz in the park events. The kids would come home to an empty house after school and guess what the daughter was pregnant at 14.


An acquaintance single mom daughter comes home to an empty house every day after school pregnant at 16.


Yet another acquaintance couple. Parents would leave the early teen boys home alone on weekends so they could go to bed and breakfast and unwind. Yep both sons before graduation had young ladies pregnant.


None of these were active in scouting, the boys played soccer and lacrosse.


IMO these parents were negligent in their responsibilities. And every single one of the children are now receiving assistance from outside the family.


Picking my children up from school the last day, I was amazed at the number of very pregnant 4-6th graders. Just makes a fellow shake his head.


As I mentioned my wife and I have changed our lives to make sure our children are active and always have someone in the house when they get home from school. It has cost my wife and I time together and lost income. But our children are too important to risk for mere money.

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Basement you are completely missing my point. So be it. If we were truly sitting at a campfire we might be able to come to an understanding, but not here.


Peace, Vicki(This message has been edited by Vicki)

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I also just want to mention (Maybe you don't realize it) but adults are considered GS when they join the troop to volunteer. It involves paying a registration fee but i am considered part of their troop. I am an adult who is unmarried with children and has put myself through college-while working AND raising my children-

What does that make me??

I feel a good example.

Anyhow. just a thought.

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Well, Time for my $.02 worth!



I remeber growing up , that sometimes a person would come over and my parents would introduce them as my baby sitter. I was told that this was a nice person and that mam and dad would be back - maybe even before bedtime.


Yep, My two responcibl;e grown up adult parents still went out every noiw and then and still had fun!




I became a husband whe I was 25years old. I met my wife, became her freind, then became her best friend, then her boyfriend. We were together for almost 5 years before we got married.


My son was born when I was 30 years old.


So here I was , a 30 year old responcible adult who had a job, a wife and a home....and I was no more experienced as a parent than this girlscout will be the day her baby is born.


My point of view is this: WElcome this girl with open arms! Scouting is about helping mold our kids into good citizens. It's about helping them to learn to make right choices on their own by example and mentoring. Some kids need more help than others,


But the day we say :"OOOps! You screwed up , so you are completely out of the picture!"...is the day that we forget why we are here: To help kids grow up and mature...not abandon them at the first mistake.



THis girl IS a mom, but she is NOT an adult! She is a child who is having a child. You might even say she needs double the mentoring and help.


Now, this girl is a person, but also a great learning tool!


Not being:


A) a girl

B) in Girl scouting

C) ever able to have a baby myself


I cannot imagine what it's like to be a prego teen. I could lecture to my daughter all day long about sex, pregnacy, or anything along the lines of that...but I might as well try teaching my dog about nuclear fission.


But wait a minute! You have a person who is the same age, same generation and as close to your own daughters group of friends and buddies as you can get_ basically, she is the same generation and everything else the rest of the girls are.


What better person to give a real life in your face touch and see lesson on abstinance or sex ed or whatever approach you have.



HeatherK, I understand you hesitation and fears here. Seems like no matter what happens, you probably should have chosen the other way.


I am by no means talking down or lecturing you....just trying to give you another point of view. Easy for me to say being a Cub Master in a pack full of non-pregnacy capable boys! :)



The only advice I can offer is this: Don't look at this as a leader or girl scout. Look at this as a parent. Look at that girl as your daughter.


Now ask yourself: If she was your daughter, what would you want? What would you do?

Then put yourself in that girls place. If you were her, what would you want. How might this help you or make you better?



There are alot of people who could have used a little help in life, even if only a little bit of acceptance and understanding.


But likewise, there are some folks who could have used a shot of tough love in their lives.





Good luck in whichever way it goes!

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