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What does "MICE" stand for? (outdoor cooking)

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AIFansome got it. It's part of LNT. Here's what the Program Director in GS Central Texas said:


M.I.C.E. stands for Minimal Impact Camping Experience. It is what is not called Leave No Trace.


MICE - Minimal Impact Camping Experience


Girl Scouts of all ages should learn and practice MICE skills. Learning to live lightly on the land and leave no trace of your presence after an activity.


As we look at activities we could do in the out of doors - we should always remember to practice the MICE concept. We can do this by:


Planning Ahead

o Check for restrictions on number of people allowed in a group.

o Are ground fires permitted? Do you need a permit?

o Plan meals so packaging and fuels are minimal.

o Reduce the need for burning wood, by using other fuel sources or

food that require little or no cooking.


At the Site

o Use existing fire circles and remove any unburned wood before you


o Avoid trampling undergrowth by staying in established sites


Respecting the Land

o Remember to stay on designated trails.

o Use only biodegradable soap and dispose of wash water at least 100

feet away from any water source.

o Take any trash or garbage with you.


Appreciating the Wild

o Don't pick wild flowers or other vegetation. Leave them for

others to enjoy.

o Don't feed any wild animals. Don't disturb their environment;

take your scraps with you.

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