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What does "MICE" stand for? (outdoor cooking)

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I checked several acronym websites and the closest I can come is


"Money, Ideology, Coercion and Ego" (reasons people become spies...or cooks, maybe)??


Don't have a clue. Also found several sites on how to properly cook a mouse.

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If it helps the rest of us, the requirement reads "Review what M.I.C.E. stands for and how you should follow it when cooking and cleaning up."


And, I will admit reading it this summer and since I was clueless, deciding it was a requirement that we would skip. (yes, that option exists in Girl Scouts, sometimes, sort of)


I found the mouse cooking tips too. Scary.


Measure Ingredients Carefully and Efficently????

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Acronymically speaking,


KISMIF (Cub Scout mantra)


LSMFT (Little Scouts Make Fine Tentpegs) This from my days as a Scout... my mom was a smoker.


Don't know why the PTB (powers that be) did away with OWLETS (Outdoor Webelos Leader Extra Training Session) and made it something else.



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