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What Makes Scouting Great ?

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True returns in watching young inexperienced boys grow confident in themselves as they progress through Scouting.


True returns in knowing that I may have had a part in helping that young man gain that confidence.


True returns in that "First Expression" (thanks Mutua for putting words to what we all see)


The handshake that we get from a scout or his folks when they say 'Thank-you'.



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For me is working with the kids.

It's such good feeling when the kids run up to you and give you the big bearhug.

Second is the friends I've made. From all walks of life, we have at least one thing in common. Watching these boys grow into responsible young men.


To see more good reasons why I think Scouting is great, check out






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No slight intended, I promise. Too often, I see the world only though my eyes.


To all,


The above is now a listing of why I thank you. Each of you have put into words the "why" of what you do. You are terrific!



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Opportunity for shared experience that would not happen elsewhere.

Opportunity to develop life long friendships

Opportunity to develop a positive relationship with adults other than teachers and family.

Opportunity to be both a follower and a leader.

Opportunity to fail in a friendly supporting environment without recriminations, bad grades, or negative feedback.

The opportunity to do it again and again and again until we get it right..


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