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Scout account question

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My daughter stopped going to meetings and has interest in other items. She then got on an explorer group. We asked for her scout account money to be transfered to the explorer group. he leader said we spent all the money and have only about $10 left in the whole account. What if she rejoined the group, we still get paperwork for the GSUSA. Is that money she is owed for selling?? Should I go higher in the GSUSA and find out?

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By "explorer group," do you mean a Boy Scouts of America co-ed group? They used to be Explorers, but now it's Venturing.


If that's the case, then there's no connection between Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, and GS is under no obligation to transfer money.

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Explorers still exist. The BSA moved the career-awareness Posts to Learning for Life, a whole-owned subsidiary of the BSA.


regardless, Explorers aren't part of the GSUSA.


Frankly, this is little different from the situation of a scout leaving one troop and going to another. No guarantee that the 'money' in their 'scout account' will go along.



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Please, check out the opening posters other posts.


Anyone connected with either BSA, or GSUSA (or for that matter most anyone) knows that they are separate organizations with no ties what so ever.


This is not a genuine request for information or help.

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Hey, no reason to bash the person asking the question. The phrasing of the question does point out some areas of misunderstanding, and I think we can sort those out in a cordial manner.


That said, there is a long-standing policy in GSUSA that troop funds, however earned, belong to the troop as a whole, and may not be disbursed to any one girl. Here is the relevant program standard from Safety-Wise:


Program Standard 29:

"...The income from group money-earning activities never becomes the property of individual members - girls or adults...."


Councils have great leverage for setting additional policies as long as they are not in direct conflict with Safety-Wise. So, councils may allow a method of tracking individual monies contributed towards a specific trip or event, with detailed explicit policy of what happens to those funds if not used for the specific trip or event.


A "reimbursement" to the girl is unlikely to have been the agreed-upon policy, as this would be in direct conflict with Safety-wise. It is more likely that such funds would revert to the troop account, or to the council's financial assistance fund, possible with a timeframe specifying that the funds would be held in case the girl returns to the program. In any case, the funds would not be transferred to a separate agency, such as an Explorer Post or Venturing Crew.


Hope this helps to clarify,

Anne in Mpls

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"My understanding is that LFL is not "Scouting," correct?"


Most definetly not.


LFL was started by the BSA to provied after-school 'character training' not tied into the traditional scouting program. Kids involved with the program are participants, and so neither they nor the adults involved must met BSA membership requirements.


Exploring that is part of LFL is strickly the career-awareness part (Law Enforcement, Fire/Rescue, Medicine, Law, Engineering, etc.). As many posts were chartered to government bodies, again, following BSA membership requirements was an issue, hence the move.


"That would be still like asking a Scout troop to move an account to a 4-H group."


Or any non-BSA group. In fact, there is no national policy regarding doing this between BSA groups.


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