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Bridging and flying up

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I hate the way the girls have 2 year programs. Our unit was brand new this last fall so we all decided to start splitting the grades like they are mandating for this year. The year went great but way too fast. Last Sat. at our bridging banquet I said 'goodbye' to four of my Daisies as they became Brownies. I hope they stick around (the Brownies leaders are sort of undependable at times, don't send out a calender, etc.). I just hated to let 'my girls' go. I will bridge up next year with my daughter and get them back for one more year. Just my 2 cents, plus I wanted to get something going for this particular forum. Does anyone know of strictly GS forums?



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My daughter just finished her Daisy year. She did bridge to Brownies, but was told she may have to be a Daisy again next year due to the restructuring of the GS program.



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Girl Scouts is in the middle of a program change. Over the next couple of years they are changing the age levels. The new levels will have

Daisies K/1

Brownies 2/3

Juniors 4/5

Cadettes 6/7/8

Seniors 9/10

Ambassadors 11/12


In my area, they recommended the current Daisies remain for a second year, but left the rest up to the individual leaders.



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Just met a really nice GS unit at our Church this last Sunday. They were on a Summer trip and chose our city. The leader said she had girls 13-18 in her troop.

Grew up GS, now a BS leader. Seems a world of difference between the programs greatest of which is separation by ages. BS has separate units per grade until Webelo (4th& 5th grade)then the boys cross over into Boy Scouts, ages 12-17 (18 becomes a leader) are in the same troop. It is difficult for the pre-adolescent boys and interesting to watch and mentor the interchange.

The GS divisions seemed to be more based on School divisions, which is probably why 6th graders are now cadets as schools go to Middle school concept rather than Junior high. This also reflected a good number of troops are school based. All I can say is worked for me. I'm not sure I would have wanted to be with Teenage girls when I was pre-adolescent. They were like Aliens!

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My daughter's troop is a mixed age troop and has been since she was a Junior if memory serves. It started as an expedient, the leader's older daughter was in another troop that was dying so she merged the two troops.


It actually works very well. There's enough help to go around and meetings alternate weeks. Older girls one week, younger girls another with some of the older girls helping out with the younger ones.


I don't know if it is part of the program but the girls have risen to the challenge and the older ones act as mentors and instructors to the younger ones.


I wish that I'd have seen that much cooperation in my son's troop. :-(



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Ok, here's a thought.


Why split up the troop? Why not just have a "Daisy" Patrol and a "Brownie" patrol. Recruit a leader for each patrol, open and close together, but have seperate meeting activities and outings. Then, instead of 2 cookie chairs, you only need one. Ditto on other positions. AND how easy do the badge requirments that involve interaction with other age groups become?! AND now you have built in peer mentoring for the new leaders.


Gee, does that sound like a pack. Well, .. yes.


Does Girl Scouts USA promote that type of structure. No.


Does GSUSA prohibit that structure? Not that I know of.


Just because they don't encourage it, doesn't mean we can't be smarter than the average bear.


Just my 2 cents.



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