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Den Chief equivalent for Girl Scouts???

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I am a Daisy troop leader. Helping with my meetings is a fantastic 2nd year Brownie (an older sister). To those "bi-scoutal" parents with kids in Cubs Scouts & Girl Scouts, is there a "den chief" equivalent for Girl Scouts?



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That would be a Program Aide. They are Cadette or Senior aged girls who have taken PA training and work with younger Troops.


Ask at your next SU meeting to see if anyone has any girls working on PA hours who might be interested. There might also be some Junior thru Senior girls working on various leadership awards who would like to work with your Troop.

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Also, this could be done by Junior GS's earning their Junior Aide award. Generally, this is mainly for helping Brownies prepare to fly up to Juniors, but it often grows into a more ongoing assistance to a younger troop.


Anne in Mpls

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You could also order her a "back of the Vest" patch from one of the patch companies. There are many for leadership, sharing & caring, someone special, thank you, sister, helping hands, etc. For stock patches there is usually no minimum quantity.









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