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GSUSA Still Needs Your Input

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FYI - From another GS list : ************************************************************************* Statement from Girl Scouts of the USA : Important Information - Please Read

The weekend of August 25, 2006, Girl Scouts of the USA's National Board of Directors endorsed momentous decisions that will guide the future of the Girl Scout Movement

For nearly two years, the Movement has been undergoing a thorough internal review process, evaluating its business strategy and the way it provides Girl Scouting to girls. Many of the exciting changes you'll read about below, which will begin to take effect in October 2008, were a direct result of that work.

The board discussions that took place were highly thoughtful and utilized all data and research available including volunteer, girl and council input and the work of the past two years. That work, which kicked off at the 50th National Convention/Council Session, included countless focus groups, strategy cafes, teleconferences, work sessions, polls, and formal and informal conversations with thousands of girls, volunteers and staff; as well as discussions with academic and youth experts. In particular, volunteers by the scores participated in these various forums to discuss the important decisions that were to be made. The generosity of time from volunteers across the country made the final recommendations to the National Board true representations of the needs of our girls and those we will serve into the future. The National Board and indeed all of us thank you for your time and passion

Before their official vote, several board members expressed deeply passionate and personal remarks that chronicled the journey to the decisions; many of their comments echoed your input from the field. These were not easy decisions; they are life changing and every single board member was highly aware of this. The process to get to these decisions has been highly participatory and transparent throughout. The national organization has read every letter, every e-mail and responded to every call, and as a result, these decisions have been made in partnership with us. As a result, Girl Scouting is being held as an example of how to manage change in the public benefit sector.

The decisions focus on the organization's desired impact on the lives of girls and the structure that gives the capacity to have this impact. All changes will begin to be phased in as of October 1, 2008 , and councils will transition based on their individual readiness. Between now and then, GSUSA will work with councils to provide program, human resources, marketing, council services and volunteer development support. A new volunteer model/ training system and Girl Scout curricula are being developed, and everyone will be given ample time and support to transition to these new models. During this period of transition, GSUSA continues to welcome input from our field on recommendations for a volunteer system that works for our volunteers and guarantees a consistent Girl Scout experience for all girls. Please send your feedback to :


Decisions of GSUSA's National Board of Directors:

New Nationwide Map of Council Jurisdictions

The National Board approved a new Girl Scout council map that features 109 Girl Scout councils, which will create the infrastructure with which the organization will have the greatest impact on girls' lives nationwide.

Program Model Endorsement

The National Board endorsed a Girl Scout Leadership Development Program, which will develop girls' leadership skills by engaging them in activity cycles based on the values of the Girl Scout Promise and Law and the vision expressed in the Girl Scout Mission Statement: Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place. This leadership philosophy enables us as one national Movement to speak consistently about the impact of Girl Scouting on girls' lives.


Changes will be phased in beginning in October 2008. The organization is committed to supporting volunteers so that you fully understand the leadership experience and the exciting opportunities that exist for you and girls. As part of our journey ahead, the national organization is committed to:

Providing tools and support to councils, to educate volunteers on the strengths of the new plans for age differentiation. Providing clear transition guidance to councils and tips for volunteers during the two year prep period. Providing girls with a two year transition period, which enables them to carry out plans and projects they have begun in the current system. Ensuring time to fully educate adults about the program curricula. GSUSA continues to rely on your feedback as we move forward into the next phase of this process. Please share with us samples of badges, awards and activities that have been developed locally and are embraced by girls, as well as your favorite sections from existing Girl Scout materials. We also want to hear what your favorite activities for girls of all ages are related to leadership, community service and action.

We look forward to receiving your ideas, which can be emailed to GSUSA at :


by December 15th, 2006

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Yes, GSUSA is going from 313 to 109 "high capacity" councils. Some "early adapters" started the process earlier in the year. Others are starting in Oct, 2006 - Oct, 2008. I believe GSUSA is looking at a 3-5 year time frame for all councils to be realigned.


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