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An act of sedition???

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OK...it may be just me, but is there another forum where GSUSA is discussed and I'm missing it (or is it just for the A-listers...lol)???


I always thought that Scouter.com was a fantastic site for BSA references, questions, philosophical rants, and advice, but I see little action under the Girl Scouting forum.


Is it just me or is there a better resource forum for Girl Scouting???


When I first started posting on Scouter.com, it was because I had a serious quesiton re Cub Scouts and needed advice (which paid off HUGE). As a silent reader in the wings, I was intimidated by the amount of posters that bled blue, gold, khaki and sometimes green, and was quiet until I realized what a great benefit it was to be a posting member.


Now that I am in GSUSA, I still look to those with great tips, suggestions and resources....so where are they????


Scouter.com is still a favorite website for me and I will continue to peruse the discussions, but I also look forward to all of you silent "in the wings" types, to start posting under this forum so I can see what great things I have to look forwad to (or not) in GSUSA.


BTW, I did use earlier advice from this forum on the crossover from Campfire to GSUSA and it went GREAT!




Newbie Brownie Leader

Brownie Girl Scout Troop 3047

Ada, MI


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Thanks Cheerful Eagle.


I'm not giving up with this forum just yet. The response I had to my crossover question were GREAT and I look forward to touching base with some of those when scouts gets back into full swing....


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