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Mariner Girl Scouts

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There are details on one of the discussion boards that can be found on the Sea Scout web site.


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GSUSA does not officially recognize Mariner Girl Scouts as a unique Girl Scout Level.


The few Mariner's that are out there are either on their own with their own non-profit organization, a part of BSA's Sea Scouts, or set up as a speciality Studio 2B Girl Scout group.


The Studio 2B groups earn the offical GSUSA recognitions & advancements. There are no "Mariner Girl Scout" specific awards that are recognized by GSUSA.



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Josh Gilliland

SSS Gryphon

Redwood City, CA

Recently posted on the Sea Scout Discussion List:

"There are Mariner Scouts that are alive and well. We are 500 feet away

from the MSS Tradewind in Redwood City, CA, a 50 year old Mariner ship.

There are other GSA councils that still support Mariner Scouts.

SSS 1942 also runs a Mariner Scout program. The adults took all the necessary training and managed to get hold of the books and that sort of thing.


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There ARE some Mariner Scout groups, but it is NOT a current OFFICIAL GSUSA program.


GSUSA National recognizes, and registers, girls as the following :


Daisy Girl Scout - ages 5-6

Brownie Girl Scout - ages 6-8

Junior Girl Scout - ages 8-11

Girl Scouts Ages 11-17


The Mariner Girl Scout program for Senior (high school age) Girl Scouts started in 1934. The uniform was discontinued in 1960 & by 1978 the pin was no longer considered part of the official GSUSA uniform. I believe that the pin can still be found in the Girl Scout catalog for adults who were Mariner Scouts.


From what I understand, the Mariner Scout groups that are currently a part of GSUSA councils are "self-proclaimed" Mariner Groups that are technically considered Girl Scouts Ages 11-17 Studio 2B specialty groups by the councils.


These groups were originally Mariner Scout groups way back when the group was "official". The leaders (or Skippers) raised their daughters as Mariner Scouts & those daughters have carried on the tradition. The leader of one of the groups out of Girl Scouts of Rock River Valley Council, is now over 80 years old. These groups have created their own uniform & in some cases are earning the historic Mariner advancements using old literature that has been handed down from the original members. These advancements are NOT recognized by National GSUSA, & can NOT be worn with GSUSA official uniforms.


Any actual ships are NOT owned by the GSUSA councils (like everything connected to a Girl Scout Troop usually is) but by independently set up organizations or individuals.


The Mariner Scouts usually do activities with the local BSA Sea Scouts.


I hope this information helps.



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