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Saving on uniforms?

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I'm looking for resouces to find gently used GS uniforms. All levels, but especially the younger ones.


I've found great resources for Boy scouting uniforms... but I'm not having much luck with the GS stuff.


I'm trying to help more kids be able to wear the uniforms. :)


Any suggestions for where to find them would be appreciated.


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Once a uniform, always a uniform. If it was ever considered an officail uniform piece, it can still be worn. Have you checked second hand stores? Or maybe call your council. Sometimes people hand down old unies when they change levels.


If you still can't find anything, I would suggest a specific-target fundraiser. Collect bottles and cans and run a bake sale at the same time.


Good luck! And check out the on-line store. They have sales going on. Our council store has things on sale periodically as well.

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The girl scout web site is selling some pieces very cheaply. I just ordered a Brownie turtleneck for $2.99 and skirts for $4.99.

They do have a new style of turtleneck out but I don't think my daughters will mind and the price is great. I couldn't buy a regular turtleneck for that without the Brownie logo.

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