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Travel to Savannah

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Next summer I am taking a group of 12 year old Junior scouts to Savannah. I am in the midst of booking air, hotel, and tours. Already have reservation at Heritage Center. Any advice for good hotels, restaurants, and tours? Things to avoid? Good Advice? Any help or input from leaders and/or girls who have been before would be appreciated.

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I was in Savannah for a day this summer with my family. Man, there were Girl Scouts all over the place! It looks like the city is very accomodating for the GS units that come there. There are numerous tours. We did the trolley tour, as that was about all we had time to do.


Word of warning, the GS museum/house is closed on Wednesdays. Make sure you take that into consideration for your schedule.

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A ghost tour (nightime walking tour) is great fun for this age usually combines local history with the spooky stuff. One of our parents took a picture of the girls during the tour as they were listening to their guide very intently, then scanned the photo in and added the hazy image of a lady right in the middle of the group. Then we just slipped it into the pack of photos that we took to a troop meeting to let the girls look through the expressions on their faces were priceless when they realized that they'd had "company" on their tour. (It helped that the story the guide was telling when the photo was snapped could be related very well to the inserted image.)


Don't miss eating at The Pirate's House (a good place to go for a late dessert after your walking tour...?)


If you have the budget, they might enjoy one of the riverboat tours. (They'll probably enjoy shopping in all those shops by the river.)


When you're walking around, they'll be lots of people selling little woven "roses" they've made out of palmetto leaves instead of just buying them, see of you can find a nice "vendor" to go through the process step-by-step so the girls can see.


It's going to be hot hot hot, so maybe a trip to a beach (Tybee?).


Are you looking for mainly vacation-y stuff, or do you want a little more? There's Fort Jackson, dolphin cruises, great canoeing/kayaking trips (some offer good Scout rates), marine biology excursions almost anything you want to do is there (if you've got the budget).


Bring a Savannah guidebook to your meetings, and let the girls look through it see if they can find things that interest them that fit into your timeframe and cashflow divide the troop up into small groups that can research different activities and options then report back to the troop. (Girl planning!)


Have fun!


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I am working with a tour company and we have ghost walk, dolphin cruise, trip to Tybee Island scheduled. They have also suggested a couple of hotels and some restaurants. Before we confirm hotel and restaurants, I was hoping some other leaders could advise on good or bad experiences with hotels and restaurants so we don't make the same mistakes. Thanks.

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