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Calling all Girl Scouts

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Advice...sounds like you've got a wonderfully active Brownie Troop already :)


1. Encourage tree-climbing

2. Take them fishing

3. Put yourself in a kid frame of mind - learn something new as often as you find the opportunity. The UK Girl Guides have a website that encourages this kind of growth for leaders of girls, called BOGUK - it's a grownup badge program! This year I've learned a little latin, have figured out how to adjust and clean the thermostat for my furnace, started knitting...

4. Stand back and admire all that your girls can do for themselves - put together the spaghetti sauce, drain the noodles, chopping the onions, none of this need be done by the grownup! For us big people, these are *chores* - for the youngsters, these are moments of triumph ;)

5. Lemonade, from real lemons, with fresh mint = instant Brownie meeting

6. Meet out of doors every chance you get. They'll learn to remember sweaters and proper footwear that much quicker. Out of doors doesn't have to be anything more than opening the door and stepping outside - it can be lots more than this, but if you're in the habit of going outside frequently, other outdoor adventures no longer seem so daunting.

7. Never turn a new girl away :)


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Thank you AnneinMpls. Im looking forward to a wonderful year and thank you so much for all your pointers you gave me. Any ideas on crafts, activities, etc would be greatly appreciated! I attended my first SU meeting on Sunday and it was great. It was so full of information. Do you have any suggestions on making a special Investiture/Rededication ceremony? I have ideas but will consider any that are given to me. Thank you so much!

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BrownieMom - sorry I never replied till now! Life got very very busy for a while there and once a topic goes inactive it's out of sight out of mind!

We'd love to hear updates from folks, and get to know the new ones who've found their way here!


Our Junior Troop is finally hitting its stride, though it's smaller than I would like. We have some more 3rd graders bridging this year and we might have enough then to get two patrols restarted.


I dropped my role as a council trainer as life was just too full and it was getting very hard to justify the time commitment when as trainers we are afforded very little respect from our council staff. I'm still serving in our Service Unit as the orientation specialist and that has been a real eye-opener! This is a tough job!! I like the challenge though and can see real progress in it.

So let's hear from you :)

Anne in Mpls

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I am a Co-leader with my wife and another mother as well as a male friend of ours of a S2B group in the town were my wife works at the school. We(My wife and our friend) also are co-advisors in a high adventure S2B group that has members from thoughout the entire council.We have 2 other leaders from elsewere in the council as co-advisors This group,the Adventure Divas, do mostly outdoor stuff that most troops/groups don't get a chance to. We rock climb,canoe,attend orienteering meets and last winter we did the Opik winter camping program at the Northern tier High adventure base in Ely,Minnisota.(6 girls and 2 advisors slept out in Quinces at the end of Febuary,Pretty hardcore!!)(This message has been edited by andrewcanoe)

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Welcome queenj :)

Can you tell us more about why your daughter would rather be a Juliette? At least in our Council, Juliettes are welcome at all the same events that are open to members who are troop members. And girls can always work on recognitions on their own. Just curious? Glad to have you on board!

Anne in Mpls

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My daughter is in her first year of Brownies. She did Daisies last year.


I am just a GS Dad, but I am a Den Leader for the Bear Den in our Pack. (soon to be more as well)


The GS Troop is almost entirely a during school lunch program. The only time they meet is a monthly meeting during lunch/recess time at school. They do have a few outings, but they are few and far between. My daughter has worked at home (between summer and during this year) and earned about 6 Try-Its. The Troop has only completed about 3 all year. She set a goal for herself on cookie sales (100 boxes) and sold nearly all of them door-to-door in her neighborhood. (I understand the need for fundraising at mom's work, but I don't see the value in the girls getting 'credit' for their mom selling cookies.) At the end she sold 116 boxes! I was pretty impressed by my 6 year-old's determination.


I do have a question. In one of the Computer try-its there is a task that includes chatting with other Girl-Scouts online. There does not seem to be a good way to do that. Do you have any suggestions on what sites to go to in order for her to chat (safely) with girls her age? Is it OK to use a discussion board rather than live chat? Thanks.

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It's hard to believe a Try-It would require entering a chat room! Since there is no way for moderators to prevent inappropriate posts, chat rooms are only for those not easily offended.


Could they perhaps mean to instant message a friend? Of course, from what I have seen, AOL will not register Brownie aged children unless they lie about their age. I don't know about MSN.

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http://www.girlscouts.org/program/gs_central/insignia/online/brownie/computer_smarts.asp lists the requirements for the Computer Smarts Try-it. The final requirement suggests:

7. Computers at Play


Play an online game or answer a poll or quiz on the Girls Only Web site.


http://www.gogirlsonly.org/ is the official GS Girls Only website.


The Point Click Go Try-it has the following req:


6. Talk Time


Some computers are linked by telephone line or satellite so people can send messages to each other. Go online with an adult and send messages to other girls using computers. Many online services provide safe places for kids to talk to each other. Ask your adult helper about times when you can do this together.




Use a computer to learn more about Girl Scouts in other places. Try visiting:


International Girl Scouting: World Thinking Day Tour

World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts Web site



Visit an Internet site with information about a hobby, ideas for a Brownie Girl Scout meeting, or homework help.


From what I can tell, these req's may have been updated to provide safer alternatives to online chat.


BTW, this weekend is the official weekend for the Thinking Day Chat on the Scoutlink IRC servers for those of you who are familiar with Internet Relay Chat. Go to this page for a quick overview of how to get started:



In terms of IRC, Scoutlink runs a pretty tight ship.

Pax et bonum!

Anne in Mpls

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Thank you.


From what I can tell, the Point, Click, and Go #6 has been changed. That is great. I hadn't check on it for a few months.


I would never let her online alone, but I could not even find a place to have the chat. It is too bad because the internet should be able to provide a safe place for kids to share ideas internationally.



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Good morning!

Every so often I'll try to reactivate this thread - sometimes GS topics go silent. Just remember, if you're looking for a place to talk GS, this forum is always here! To find it, just click on "Forums" then scroll waaaay down the page, and click on Girl Scouts. Now, the next screen might not show much! You'll need to select "show all topics" and you'll see that we do indeed disucss many things! Go ahead and reply to something, or start a new topic! We'll be glad to hear from you!!


Currently, still leading a combined Jr-Cadette troop. I lost one girl to venturing this year but she was more than a year older than the other girls in the troop.


I'm now an active outdoor trainer for our council, which is a whole nother story ;)


Anne in Mpls

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What a great treat to find this thread tonight! Thanks, Anne, for starting it!


I'm a mother to 2 boys, one girl. But I started scouting as a kid (brownies and juniors) then entered Civil Air Patrol when I was in Jr High (low these many years ago).


I started my current scouting carrer as an assistant den leader when my oldest was a Bear Cub Scout. Helped start a Daisy troop. Led a Webelos patrol and went to Philmont. Tried to help a small pack keep going (unfortunantly it folded when we moved). Did Woodbadge training (2x, I used to be an eagle...) Led a tiger and this year a wolf den. Started a Jr troop last year, which is now going well with a co-leader and 8 scouts!




You know, it looks real experienced, but the only thing I can say is that as soon as I feel like I have something figured out -- everything changes!


My GS troop is 8 girls strong (late 3rd grade thru 5th grade). We're working on the horse badges and volunteering at a ranch that rescues horses, especially mustangs, from slaughter. Hopefully, we will be doing a community awareness/fundraising project for tha ranch as our Bronze award project.



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I was a Cub Scout Leader for 5 yrs


Have been a Boy Scout Leader for 5 yrs


And a GS Leader for 3 years though the service is broken up. One yr was back in 2003-2004, and the other 2 yrs have been 2006-2008. I have been the troop cookie manager twice.


Currently a BS Troop Committee member, and a Brownie GS Co-Leader of an 8-girl Troop.


I am a former Girl Scout as well, was a cute little Brownie with an acorn and a smile :)

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