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Calling all Girl Scouts

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Hey folks - this board's been quiet lately, so how bout a general rollcall?


1. Introduce yerself

2. Say a lil something about your involvement in Girl Scouting and any other scouting programs

3. You can include an update on your current Girl Scout program



I'm Anne. I live in Minneapolis and am a pretty much lifetime Girl Scout. Have also done some time with Cub Scouting and Boy Scouting. Currently, we're preparing for our Service Unit Court of Awards - we just started up a new Junior troop this year that has been basically one challenge after another and I'm hoping we'll finally find our stride over the summer. I

m also a Council Trainer and will be our SU's orientation specialist this coming year.

Peace out,


(now it's your turn!)

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hi, im louise (wezzycheesy) my troop gave me that name some 10 years ago when my daughter was a cadette/senior. i've been in girl scouting for 20 years now.

i'm a grandma to 5 great kids, three girls and two boys. i live with my daughter and one granddaughter, who is in her third year brownies. getting ready to fly up into juniors.

i live in cortland, ny and have a brownie troop and we're getting our travel mascot ready for her first trip.

i do have a question, i had a pattern for a beaded bandana with pony beads amd conchos, i've missed placed it. i think that guide zone might have it. they have a beaded fringed bandana but i can not get into the site. it keeplps telling me that its unavailable, can anyone give me some help


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I have been in Girl Scouts as a leader for 11 years now. I have also been our troop Cookie Coordinator for 11 years, with about 5 of those being Coordinator for another troop as well. Currently I am Advisor for a 12th grade Senior troop and the Cookie Manager for our Service Unit. I plan on staying on as SU Cookie next year and maybe (just maybe, it depends on my Co-Leader) take on a new Daisy troop. Our high point this year has been the girls earning their GS Gold Award.


I have been a BSA Scouter for 9 years. I started with my son as his Partner in Tigers. My husband took over as Den Leader for his Wolf year and volunterred my to be his Assistant (payback for my volunterring him to be a Leader for our GS Troop!). We led the boys from 2nd grade thru 5th grade. At that time I became the permanent Tiger Leader and he became the Asst Cubmaster (the BS Troop is anti-female ASM, kitchen help ok, but not ASM). We also are Co-Kernals for the popcorn sale.



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I have been a leader for 5 years (started w/Brownies, went to Juniors and now have a Cadette). Was a GS as a kid for 7 years. I am also a Service Unit manager, but being a leader is what I really enjoy! I have been in BSA for 6 years as den leader and committee member.


We are an active troop! The troop is girl run as much as possible...we have 3 patrols and hold monthly Courts of Honor to plan stuff. Last year we went downhill and cross country skiing, camped twice in addition to a winter weekend, tried to do some kind of trip plus a service project each month. We got an Honorable mention from Colgate on one of our service projects. We had our annual Service Unit Tasting tea which is always lots of fun.


There were 17 girls in the troop last year, ages 9-12. One bridged to Cadettes (or should I say S2b?) I have lots of questions and concerns about Studio 2B! (see S2B thread) I have 2 great co-leaders.


We have stopped having much of a summer program because whenever we planned stuff in the past there was a low turnout (family vacations, softball, 4H, etc going on). We are doing a fundraiser so we can go to a 'dude ranch' in the fall.


This is the only place I have found to talk honestly about GS, and if anyone knows of any other forums for GS I would love to know about them!

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Hi I am Jamie and I am from New England I just received my Ten Year Pin And Girl Scout Gold Award the highest award in Girl Scouts. My project is a Camping how to book called One Pot Stew for the Campers Soul, most of the other Gold Award people are graduating seniors this year but I am Only A High School Junior Now I will Be a High School Senior next fall! jamie



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Way To Go Jamie !! Let me add my heartfelt CONGRATS to those many you have already received. I know just how much work you have put into earning this award, my girls received it this year also!


It's great that you got it finished as a Junior. Your Senior year will be jam packed with tons of stuff. Be sure to include this award on all college apps and look into Gold Award specific scholarships. You might not receive a scholarship because of the award directly, but it shows leadership, community service, and just how hard you are willing to work for something. All of these are qualities that colleges and universities look for. Many also have private scholarships which are based on community service and earning the Gold puts you in a good position for those.


Gee - Can you tell I went thru all of this! Yep, my girls were Senior, Seniors this year!


Good Luck and have an EXCITING Senior year!!!!



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My name is Debra. I am going into my first year as a leader for my daughters Brownie Troop. We live in Pennsylvania (The Poconos) and am part of Penns Woods Council. This is the second year for this troop so we are all pretty new to this council. I have five daughters, three of which are involved in scouting in my troop as Brownies. I have been involved in Girl Scouts for 6 years with my daughter since she was in Daisy's. I was co-leader for her daisy troop then. Last year I was co-leader and also Troop Cookie Manager for our troop. This year I have taken over the leadership position. If anyone has any ideas, suggestions or anything you would be willing to share with me I would greatly appreciate it.

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