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*jumps up and down and waves*


I'm here, I'm here!


Sad to say, this is quite obviously one of the least popular places on here... but I guess it's to be expected on a boy scout forum. But I would hope that more of the adult advisors, particularly those who are active in a Venture crew, might be interested in Girl Scout affairs as they may at some point have a girl scout Venturer in their midst and would be anxious to learn a thing or two about the way girl scouts works, the way the girl is learning a crazy amount about how boy scouts works (I know I certainly did when I first started Ventures... heck, I'm still learning! I've got years and years before I'll be anywhere near being considered knowledgeable:P)


I know my crew leaders are interested in how the G.S. do things, and kudos to DS, as I posted before, for participating in this area!

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I'm here too!!


Just got back from the Cadette/Senior troop I have the pleasure and good fortune to led's Christmas slumber party this weekend.(Don't worry, I slept elsewere)


The girls decided to to go to Europe as their BIG trip in the summer of 2006.



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They are girls who are registered as girl scouts but who don't have access to a troop -- for instance, in rural areas. They can participate in council events and cookie sales, and work on the scout program on their own with guidance from a parent, etc. ("Juliette" was Juliette Low, who founded the Girl Scouts).

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