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There's a new Scouter in heaven....

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some of you may remember back after Scout Sunday, When I posted that my friend, Scot had been found to have brain cancer. Scot lost his fight Friday morning, slipping quietly away at home with family.


Scot was a scout himself, years ago, the kind of scout who didn't make Eagle becasue he was too busy helping the OTHER boys in his troop.


Attached is part of the memorial page we are starting for Scot on our troop site:


Today we all said Goodbye to a friend who exemplified all the best ideals of Scouting; who shared unselfishly with our sons his wonderful humor, brilliant mind, endless curiousity and knowledge, compassion and sensitivity. We will miss his warmth, his steadying presence, and the joy with which he approached everything in life.


While Scot never got the chance to be called "father" by anyone, he had more children than anyone I know - because every scout he ever crossed paths with was "his". He took a personal interest in each one, and he was as proud of each of "his boys" as if they WERE his own. He rejoiced in their successes, agonized over their troubles, taught them, guided them and befriended them. He was especially good at finding out each boy's special quailities, and bringing them out. No boy could ever be lonely (or bored!)if Scot was around!


Scot positively touched the lives of everyone he knew -and I think he knew just about everyone! at least in our County! If wealth could be measured in affection and friendship he would be the wealthiest man in the world!


At tonite's meeting, the scouts of Troop 159 remembered Mr Mansfield with smiles and laughs and stories. There were not many tears - Scot's influence was mostly one of joy and fun. Joy in nature, joy in learning, joy in sharing with others.


I'd like to share the versions of the 23rd psalm that Pastor Lana shared at Scot's service:


The 23rd Psalm of Scouting


Scouting is my life, I shall not want;

It helps me to camp in green pastures,

and hike beside still waters;

It restores my soul.


It leads me in paths of learning,

for the sake of myself and others.

Yea, even though I walk through

the valley of the shadow of the Woodbadge staffer,

I have no fear;


My patrol, my friends, are with me

Their wit and their smiles, they comfort me.

We have prepared tables in short time

at the insistence of staffers;

Scouting fills my head with knowledge,

my brain overflows.


Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me home tonight,

And I shall dwell in the house of Scouting forever.



Indian Translation


The Great Father above is a Shepherd Chief,

and I am His and with Him I want not.

He throws out to me a rope,

and the name of the rope is Love.

He draws me

and He draws me to where the grass is green

and the water is not dangerous.

And I eat and lie down satisfied.


Sometimes my heart is very weak and falls down,

but He lifts it up again

and draws me into a good road.

His name is Wonderful.


Sometime, it may be very soon, it may be longer,

it may be a long, long time,

He will draw me into a place between mountains.

It is dark there, but I will not draw back.

I will not be afraid, for it is in there,

between these mountains,

that the Shepherd will meet me.

And the hunger I have felt in my heart,

all through this life,

will be satisfied.


Sometimes, He makes the love-rope into a whip,

but afterwards he gives me a staff that I may lean on.

He puts his hand upon my head; all "tired" is gone.

My cup He fills it till it runs over.


What I tell you is true, I lie not.

These roads that are a way ahead

will stay with me through life

and afterwards I will live in the big teepee,

and sit down with the Shepherd Chief forever.




Scot may not be physically with us any more - but his presence will be felt at campouts, meetings and campfires for many, many years; in the influence he had on "his boys". Goodbye, my friend; may God finally grant you those Eagle wings you so richly deserve!

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May you know the peace and comfort these heartfelt words impart........The ones we love are never gone they live within our hearts.


What a joy you all share to have known him.



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Laura, please send our condolences to Scot's immediate family and Scot's scouting families.


"It is not length of life, but depth of life."

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~


and the depth of Scot's life has outpaced the long lives of others! May Scot rests in peace.


With great respect,



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