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Hi all,


I was cruising through the site, and I noticed that there had been no posts made in the Northeast Region Section. I thought it would be good to start up some conversation and discussion. That having been said, my name is Ryan Korn, and I'm from Sakuwit Lodge. I think a hot topic to start on is problems that exist in th

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Wawangundowapn from Nentico.


Attendance (or lack thereof) is always a good topic. For the number of new Ordeal members we induct each year (300 - 500) we see only a small percentage of new folks at the Lodge fellowships and banquets. I would estimate less than 10% of new members ever make it to a fellowship weekend and only a couple percent to a banquet. Lack of communication and follow-up with new members is one of the drivers of declining attendance figures. I think we need to find a better way to communicate with the newest members (who have not yet developed a deep interest in OA and have not attended chapter meetings) than simply a quarterly newsletter. We should consider driving some OA energy through the units rather than using a shotgun approach aimed at individuals that invariably misses the mark.

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