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Just Seen The Photos

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One of the Scouts who went to NOAC from our Council got around to e-mailing the photos that he took. Most of them are of the Scouts who went from our Council.

All show a nice bunch of kids /Scouts having a really good time. There is a super one of OJ wearing a Sunflower Hat, which I will be forwarding to all his female friends. He looks just tooooo Cute!!

I don't know if any of the people who put NOAC together ever look in on these pages. If you are out there Thanks, my son had a great time.


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You might indeed be right. If I really want to haze the poor unfortunate little fellow with size 13 feet!! I have lots of "Baby Pics".

As a baby he loved to go skinny dipping in the pool, a phase that he has since grown out of. Much to the joy of many.

At this time I'm really enjoying his driving permit. Six months of "Yes Dad".


Shoe size 8.5

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