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Differences in Printed Material

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National OA just introduced a Lodge Advisor Handbook. It includes the guidelines for one adult per unit per year. That's the way it's been for a while.


However, the OA issued an Operations Update on 7/16/12 which changed that to allow for more than one adult per unit per year:

"The number of adults nominated can be no more than one-third of the number of youth candidates elected, rounded up where the number of youth candidates is not a multiple of three. In addition to the one-third limit, the unit committee may nominate the currently-serving unit leader (but not assistant leaders), as long as he or she has served as unit leader for at least the previous twelve months."


Apparently, the new guideline is to try to get more adults into the OA, similar to the move years ago to chnage the youth guidelines to get more youth into the OA.


Looks like they should proof their own material, but having these differences are nothing new.

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I think in this case we need to give the BSA/OA the benefit of the doubt here - even though the Lodge Advisor Handbook was just released, it took some time to develop it and when it was sent to the printer, after all the proofing and editing, etc., it was probably up to date on the policies. Given the date of the operations update, I'd understand why a new policy wasn't included in the new book - it was probably not the policy when the new book was sent to the printer.

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Actually it's been some time that troops could elect more than one adult. I know when I was a chapter adviser 5-8 years ago, one adult per 50 registered youth, could be nominated. And I admit that surprised me when I read it as I was on the elections team as a youth.


Also what surprised me was that ASMs 18-20 are counted in the totals, i.e. total registered with the troop, can vote, and can have their names placed on the ballot. Again don't know if that was a new thing or something overlooked when I was a yute.

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