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Other inclusiveness in Scouing

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That's the challenge, having balance. I like my current lodge a lot. Yes we work hard, 3 Ordeals, a work day, and numerous chapter work days plus additional service work at camps, i.e. staff ing trading post to make money for camp improvement and camperships,




I remember coming aboard as chapter adviser, and my chapter was all worked out. Someone on the district planned the Webeloree what we staffed the same weekend as Conclave, the biggest party of non-NOAC years. So in about 4 years, only 1 member of our chapter ever attended a conclave, and he was the lodge chief. Everyone was putting service first, and it was wearing us out.


I convinced the new webeloree chief to change the dates for the OA, and being an Arrowman he agreed over the objections of the district member who originally scheduled it. Chapter grew by leaps and bounds.

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I do not wear lodge flaps or knots or stars on my shirts. They are blank. I have that stuff in a box.


What drives a person to imagine that someone they disagree with must have some negative qualities beyond the debate topic? That's not healthy.(This message has been edited by Bsa24)

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When I was tapped for the OA, there were no African-American boys in either of the two lodges where I was a member. Black kids could not come to our camp. It was wrong to exclude them and I took the risk of saying so (as a camp staff member). It is bigoted, ignorant, and wrong to exclude homosexual boys from the programs today. Homosexuality is not something that is taught/learned or caught from others -- that's a fact. Gay boys are often singled out for bullying and the BSA policy simply reinforces this.


As a 60-year veteran scout, scouter, and donor I have learned many things from this organization. However, the lessons on discrimination did not take. It pains me to do this, but I am severing my ties with the Boy Scouts of America. You need not reply to this post as I am closing my account.

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The camping requirement is waiverable and frequently is for District nominations.


Adult leaders in council and district positions: The lodge

adviser, district chairmen, council president, or members

of the professional staff may nominate adults to the

lodge adult selection committee. All requirements set

forth for adult leaders in units must be fulfilled, with the

exception of the camping requirements, which may be

waived at the discretion of the lodge adviser and Scout


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