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Camp-O-Ree theme suggestions

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My chapter has just had their Camp-O-Ree last weekend, which means our planning meetings for next year start in 2 weeks. I was wondering if I could get some suggestions for a theme, and constructive criticism for any suggested.


Just some background information, I am my chapter's event chair, and camp-o-ree chair. I am very interested in marketing. I'd also like to let everyone know we are a very liberal chapter. We follow the rules, but we are a very fun loving group of guys. Our last theme was an Arcade theme. This appeals greatly to scouts, (target audience) and it has many great team building events. We had an airsoft Shooting range themed around a shooter game (Name escapes me), "angry birds" slingshot, were we launched "Angry birds" stuffed plushes filled with softballs at targets, a life size pacman time mazed, and a lot more. Everything was amazing with it, even the patches were amazing. Never before has the majority of the kids in the troop wanted the patch, normally they are everywhere in the dirt. (I'll upload a picture of the patch if anyone cares) Also, I will most likely be chapter chief in about 2 months, so I will need to out do myself this year.


Also, the two important things, it has to be fun. We usually keep scout skills such as knots to a minimum, we incorporate them in minor ways throughout. It has to be fun, and make kids go back to their meeting saying "wow, you should have been there it was great!" We always have a huge wow factor.


The 2nd most important thing is patches. I'd like to make a set that all goes together to make a scene. I'd like there to be a patch for staff, members, leaders, and cooks (We cook all meals, and do a huge cracker barrel) and they all fit together on this other patch we will sell to make a little scene. This makes it a "collect them all" kind of thing and it has some value at above the district because it's interesting. (Basically I want to take these patches to Jambo in 13' and be able to get something nice in return trading)


Our past themes were...

2012 - Arcade

2011 - The Great Scouting Race

2010 - Nightoree (All day + all night event, just one day)

2009 - Pirate theme

2007 - Cowboys

2006 - lumberjacks (I was a Web 2 for this visiting a Troop, don't really remember it all, there was more to it)


Anyways, any ideas, support, suggestions, etc. is appreciated.


Your's in scouting,



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I was actualy posting in the other one when you deleted it.


First of welcome to the forums.


Then Based off of the previous things youve done you could do Syfi, Alien, around the world in 80 days, how things work, Making things move


if your camprees arnt necesarrily skill based your possiblities are only as limited as you imagination and the guide to safe scouting.

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Oh, lots of ideas...

"RESCUE!" Get your "victim" out of various situations. Across the raging river, pioneer build a bridge, slack rope walk, signalling to some one for rescue, first aid, call your state police to have a helo land, fire and rescue come and do demo,


"GAMES" Have a live chess game (merit badge?), build real Temple Ring game with 3 8' posts sunk in ground and tires of graduated sizes (tractor thru VW?), various capture the flag games ("Jugs"), rig up a joust game with a rope riding horse thing, cudgel sticks (lots of padding on the ground) on a balance beam, archery range, hatchet throw, ((How did you get Airsoft approved for a Scout camp??), scavenger hunt (at night?), look up frazzlyram on line, burn a string contest, Find a reeeealy big American flag (like 12 by 20 or bigger) and have Patrol fold it correctly for time...

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You may not have the skill sets to pull it off, but one year our district did a canoe trip camporee.


If there was an island in the middle of a river that could accommodate you all, you could set up some wide games.

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qwazse, that sounds amazing, we are in South West Florida, our chapter meetings are 5 miles away from the beach, a water based camp-o-ree would be amazing. The only downside I can see is I know personally of some land-locked scouts in our district, so we can't do solely water sports, or they'd be left out. We also expect 300+ campers, and 50+ staff, so that'd be 350 people, at 2 people a canoe, so we'd need 175 canoes basically. That's a little far fetched. I do like the idea, and finding a way to incorporate water sports into the camp out would be a huge hit.


SSScout, it was approved for a shooting range, not a game of airsoft. We did something like what you might see on topshot, and we treated the guns exactly like a .22 cal rifle.


Some of our current key members in OA are leaning towards a Medieval theme, but when I think of that, I think of the movie Role Models, (they take a kid to a live action role playing game, where they are all knights, and it's just a huge geeky affair.


I think I've gotten a decent idea, if anyone's heard of the Tough Mudder Challenge, it's basically a marathon you run, and compete in challenging events along the way.

(Go to toughmudder.com to see what it's like)


By the way, thanks for all of the ideas so far, they are a lot of help.

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