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Should Cubs camp at Camporees?

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No, the Boy Scouts don't feel slighted. Most boys don't want to go backwards. A 10 or 11 year old may love Cartoon Network where a 14 or 15 year old boy could care less. But the 10 or 11 year old boy will always be pushing the limits of "older" shows he can watch in addition to the Cartoon Network. They want to move forward. We try to give the Webelos a taste of Boy Scouting to keep them interested and to set their eye on the prize. The Webelos to Scouts transition has always been shaky and allowing them to begin to make that transition by learning and doing a few scout skills is what keeps the spark lit. Wouldn't you rather see Webelos at a Camporee on council property getting to see scout skills being performed as a competition than taking them on a primitive campout in the boonies with a latrine trowel and running them away for good?

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>>Wouldn't you rather see Webelos at a Camporee on council property getting to see scout skills being performed as a competition than taking them on a primitive campout in the boonies with a latrine trowel and running them away for good?

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In our district we allow Webelos to camp with a troop. They must have a parent or guardian with them to come. The district activities committee creates areas for the Webelos to compete with other Webelos not Troops. This seems to work well. Not all packs send Webelos, because it is hard to get a parent or guardian to go along.


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Dancinfox and kwc, it sounds like your districts have set up district-wide Troop-Webelos campouts, which if not technically within the letter of the policy, sure meets its spirit. Sounds like fun and a great recruitment/retention tool.


The important thing is to teach the Webelos the skills, not ask them to compete in activities they've not yet learned.


Not familiar with "Webelos Woods," Eagledad, but we do have an annual, district wide "Webeloree" campout.(This message has been edited by Twocubdad)

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Webeloree, that's kind of hard to say. I'll bet it is the same thing. We have great success with it when planned well and it's basically Troops demonstrating and teaching skills to the Webelos in a Camporee setting. We've had a few Webelos Woods (Webeloree) that were ran better than our Camporee and the Troops felt were more fun. Of course that is a different issue.


Many districts use Webelorees to train adults while the scouts are working with their Webelos.



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The district in which I currently reside runs a separate camporee type event called Webelos Woods. Since you boys were beyond this in age when we moved here, I have not personally seen what happens there. I understand that it complies with all Webelos camping policies and incorporates age appropriate competitive events.

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My District, and all the other districts in our council run Webelos Woods. Unfortunately, this year our district lost the oppurtunity because of a scheduling conflict with the Council Scout Show.


Cub Scouts are discouraged from attending Camporees. Webelos are welcome, but no formal invitations are tended. I think Webelos should be made more welcome at these events as daytime visitors.(This message has been edited by fotoscout)

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"Should cub packs camp at camporees like the troops do?"

No, cub style camping is different. They should not camp like troops. They should folow the camping style outlined in the BALOO training program.


"should the cub packs camp at a different cub venue, i.e. their own camporee?"

Sure, why not? As long as there is a responsible parent or assigned adult for each child in keeping with the cub camping rules outlined in BALOO training.


"Do you think this takes away from the boy scout camporee program, which is set up for a weekend of camping."

I think it enhances the Cub program as long as the cubs have separate, age appropriate activities from the Boy Scouts and camp in their own site according to the Cub Camoing regulations outlined in.....BALOO training of course.


"Do you think this would diminish the excitement that a cub has in looking forward to joining boy scouts."

Not if done correctly by following the the camping and activity recommendations found where? Let's here more from the tenors! BALOO Training.


"do believe/encourage webelos dens to camp with a troop at all camporees, this thread is directed at cub packs camping alongside troops."


OOPS! Thats the only place you went astray. The BSA program does not recommend that Webelos participate with, or camp with, Troops at camporees. This is fine on a unit campout but Districts and Councils have specific instructions against a mixed camporee.


Each program must have its own age appropriate activities and separate camp sites.


Bob White



(This message has been edited by Bob White)

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i would like to thank everyone for their replies.

Since BALOO training has been out, there has been the misperception that now cub packs can come camp with alongside the troops at camporees. The responses here, especially the webelos woods, are a great solution to help alleviate this misperception.

I also like the idea of having a separate camporee program where the packs can camp out over night.

After our council merger a few years ago, the idea of having the webelos come along with the troops has been widespread and active in all the districts of our council, that is where my belief of having the webelos (2 yr.s) come along.




"It's Leadership, not Leader Sheep!"

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