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Selecting Adult to OA

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1 per 50 = one Scouter if at least one Scout is nominated for troops with under 49 Scouts, two Scouters if at least one Scout is nominated for troop with 50 - 99 Scouts, etc.


So, if your troop has 51 Scouts, you can nominate two Scouters if you have a "successful" electtion for youth.

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The purpose for having units select adults is to have adults at the unit level who will support OA at the unit level. As a Chapter Adviser, I'm usually transporting our ceremony team to Ordeal. I can't get the 50+ candidates to Ordeal. We need adults who support OA to see that their candidates get there. Same thing for work days, Fellowships and Chapter meetings. At the Lodge level, there are usually some long time dedicated Arrowmen who serve as Associate Advisers. If we Chapter Advisers play our cards right, we have a few at the Chapter level too.

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(Caps is for emphasis, ok maybe a little shouting ;) )


SR gave a VERY big role adults play: Transporters. Trust me it ain't fun squeezing a 4 man ceremony team and regalia in a Geo Metro. Been there, done that, and lost the t-shirt in one of my moves.


Adults also serve as an example to the youth.


Adults should, stress SHOULD, answer parents questions and ease any concerns and dispel any garbage they read or heard about the OA (trust me this can be a very biggie).


Adults can provide specialized skills that may be needed to help with a project at camp. Best example is electricians who updated the wiring in several building. Or the construction folks who built several shelters at camp.


Adults can provide advice on how to get things done, have contacts to do activities, etc. best example is the retired USAF col. Who got us a tour of a lcoal base when the PR folks wouldn't do it for us.

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