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Congratulations to our forum member!

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For several years our district had no functioning OA Chapter.


A couple of years ago one of our long time, dedicated district volunteers undertook to revive the OA chapter along with his Boy Scout son, and they have put in a LOT of work and built quite an effective chapter.


Most recently the chapter did most of the work in sponsoring our district marble tournament and they did a fine job.


I regret I don't have the time and energy to help them out. While I was voted an OA member a quarter century ago as an adult, perhaps I don't qualify without 14 days of camping in the past year....


Anyway, they do great work and are a diamond in our district.


So thank you to Hillis who helps make this program possible!




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Congratulations, Hillis!


As noted above, it's one of the most important positions in Scouting. As a youth, I served as Lodge Secretary, and I was always in awe of the Scouts who served as Chiefs, from Chapter, all the way up to National. I took care of some of the irksome tasks, but they all excelled at the weighty responsibilities.

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