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Uniforming at camp

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traditionally my old troop wore "Class A's" i.e the field uniform to and from places and at dinner. Depending upon the activity, we may be in "Class B's" aka activity uniform, if around folks, and "mild work" to anything we wanted fi we were doign a lot of physical work away form folks, i.e. survival camping.


And of course, cammies are de rigeur for nite tiem games like Civil War, Capture the Flag, et al.

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Day time: Class B - Troop t-shirt or similar with Scout-like shorts.


Evening (before dinner): Class A - Tan Scout shirt with Scout-like shorts.


Evening activities (after dinner): class B with Scout-like shorts



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Most Council Summer Camps have guidelines in place setting out what the dress code should be.

At our Camp Scouts are expected to be in uniform for breakfast and dinner as the flag ceremony follows both meals.

After breakfast? It seems that each Troop decides what it is they want to go with. Some wear Scout shorts, socks and some kind of Scouting T-shirt, while others are OK with jeans and almost any T-shirt. The camp frowns on shirts that it deems as being un-appropriate.

I think that we should dress for the weather and the activity that is being done.

In the winter when it's cold I see no point in Scouts wearing a Scout uniform, especially when it's going to be covered up with a winter coat and it isn't seen anyway.

For Patrol Camps, I'm happy to let the Patrol decide what they want to go with.

Have to own up to being a bit of an old mother hen when it comes to Scouts out on boats. While Scouts not wearing a top does not in any way upset me. I worry about them getting too much sun and ending up with sun burn. So I do remind them of this a lot! And leave big bottles of sun block out for everyone to use.


While I'm all for correct and full uniforms I do think that a lot of Troops do wear them a little too often and often wear them when there is no need.


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Really does depend on the camp. Around here, it's shorts & t-shirts during the day (any sort, within reason, but a Scouting t-shirt is not required), with green & khaki worn for flags and dinner. Campers involved in waterfront or pool programs often wear swim trunks and t-shirts during the day without bothering to change.


Staff wears blue camp shirts, usually polos, and khaki shorts, changing into green & khaki for flags and dinner, often staying in it for evening program.

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You might check the leaders guide to your camp. If not in there, ask the camp director what the standard is. In my area, activity uniform for morning assembly, and field uniform for the rest of the day, including last meal. My troop does hawaiian shirt days on Wednesday.(This message has been edited by Alabama Scouter)

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Welcome to the Forums.


Staff will always uniform in accordance with the (insert Scout Reservation Name here) Staff Manual.


While every camp in the Nation encourages full Class B uniform (with Class A for certain occasions during the Camp) since there is no requirement in the UIG to own a uniform, youth members and Scouters will be all over the map, both for daytime and for Class A appearances. Troops encouraging full uniforming will be fully uniformed, Troops not emphasizing the Uniform Method will be less.


So ... how does your Troop uniform now?

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