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Grey Owl Crafts Sashes

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I have one of these sashes. They are heavy and require you to put some sort of backing on them to help them stay in place. I found that sewing the beaded sash onto an older cloth sash worked quite well. As far as them being "Offical" I have never taken any flack for mine. I still keep a cloth sash for work days and only wear the beaded sash for ceremonies or cracker barrels.


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I never cared for the Gret Owl sash, they beads are oversized, as is the design. I dont care for the colors either, the beads are low grade Chinese, and look like it. As you can tell, I do bead work, lol. I beaded a sash years ago, when I was a youth doing ceremonies. I used check glass beads, transparent in deed colors for the Legend, and greasy white chalk French glass for the background. That sash is 26 years old now, I ever wore it much outside ceremonies and such, its quite heavy, and despite being made of nymo thread with liberal amount of bees wax, is fragile.


I suggest beading one yourself, if you can, it will mean more to you. Im beading a new one, as Ive grown in the wrong direction over the years, lazy stitching this one out of all old stock French glass 12 gauge, no legend this time, as it is frowned upon. This should be a beautiful piece. If you want to buy a sash Id look for a head beaded one for sale, the Grey Owl looks machined, and is. Besides, the legend is against policy, although a beaded sash generally is not.


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Hmm, Ive not actively researched this question in the past few years, and only recall language forbidding additions to, or changes in, the official sash. We always interpreted hat as dont take any license, reproduce it as it is. Its quite possible I may have missed an update. Personally, Id still go ahead and get your sash. It may be against policy, and if so thats a pretty silly policy in my opinion. The choice is yours 


Thanks for letting me know about the change.

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From the OA handbook:


"The official Order of the Arrow sash is available for members through the lodge or local council service center, or through the Supply Division of the BSA. It is a white fabric sash with a red arrow embroidered upon it.


Sashes may not be altered in any way or form. Beading or any other material is not permitted on the sash. Nothing is to be worn on the sash, including signatures, patches of any kind, pins, or "legends" (embrordered or drawn illustrations of the history of the Order of the Arrow or of the local lodge). The only exceptions are the 50th and 60th anniversary awards. Either if these may be worn as an option, by those who have earned them, on the shoulder portion above the bar at the point of the arrow."


Interpret it as you will. I doubt discussion here will change anyone's mind about wearing/not wearing a beaded sash.

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