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FourCorps 2010

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Section 4 in the great Southern Region will be the first Section in the U.S. to host it's own version of ArrowCorps5. The week of service in the Ocala National Forest is scheduled for June 13-19, 2010 and will use Camp La-No-Che as a base camp. Attendance is open to ALL Arrowmen and at this time is limited to 300 participants. Check the S-4 website for additonal info and to sign-up.

http://www.sections-4.org/(This message has been edited by Tokala)

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We just completed our service project, FourCorps 2010, in the Ocala National Forest. We had 128 members from S-4 attend. Daytime temperature was about 95-97 degrees with a heat index of 105-110. The Arrowmen were definitely hard core about giving service to the projects. Here's a list of what we accomplished in five days:

 Constructed 80 kestrel nesting boxes.

 Poured 37 concrete pads to install bear-proof food storage boxes at the Lake Dorr Campground.

 Poured 45 concrete pads to install bear-proof food storage boxes at the Clearwater Lake Campground.

 Installed 5 picnic tables at the River Forest Group Campground

 Anchored 12 picnic tables at the Silver Glen Springs Recreation Area.

 Built a campfire ring consisting of a 5 ft wide x 25 ft long sidewalk leading to a 20 ft diameter concrete ring. The fire ring is a 4 ft diameter with a brick inlay. The pad is painted with a compass rose.

 Moved and graded 18 cu yards of fill dirt at the River Forest Group Campground.

 Planted two Centennial live oaks with granite monuments to recognize the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America and the FourCorps 2010 project at the River Forest Group Campground.

 Donated materials to construct two forest portal signs to be installed along CR42.

 Replaced a 500 ft long protective fence at an archaeological site using 200 long-leaf pines that were thinned from the forest.

 Planted 260 native plants at the Juniper Wayside restoring the natural scenic integrity of the site.

 Planted 5100 native plants at 13 sites along 10 miles of power line right-of-way blocking illegal motor vehicle access roads.

 Restored 8 acres of wetlands using maiden cane.

 Removed 48, 60-gallon garbage bags full of non-native invasive species from two intensely infested sites.

 Constructed and painted, four bear-proof storage boxes at the FWC Conservation Camp at Lake Eaton.

 Painted and performed maintenance on structures at the FWC Conservation Camp.

 Performed trail maintenance along 9 miles of the Florida Trail.

 Removed truckloads of garbage and illegal dumping.

 Project resulted in 4500 hours of volunteer service and donated approximately $6000 in materials to the projects.


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