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Our OA Lodge flap is kinda' ugly, but I wear it anyway. I don't look for alternates, because I want to wear the offical lodge flap. When it comes to design and taste for some of lodge flaps I've seen, a little KIS would be in order - "Keep It Simple".

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I agree that some patches do go overboard. But sometimes there is some symbolism in the pacthes. I know one of the patches I designed had 2 elements unique to the council, specifically historic landmarks, and on another the OA sash on the patch is designed to look like the MS river.

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I almost forgot this topic/post and now it is active again.


Well, I guess I should close the loop on this thread with a report on how things went.


My Son talked with his Chapter and Lodge Officers and Advisors and the Bylaws were checked. I also explained that some would not wear something from an event they did not attend. He is fine with that too.


Wearing the NOAC Flap is not a problem. He wears it with pride.

He receintly sealed his membership by reciving his Brotherhood honor and is active in his Chapter.


Thank you all for your advice and opinions.


Yours in Brotherhood,




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Check with the Lodge about their policy, but make sure you talk to someone who ACTUALLY knows the rules, not just a fanatic. There is a bunch of false information floating around.

Find out if the flap was only available to those who went, or to anyone as a way to promote NOAC or raise funds. If it was only for attendees then I would say no. If it was a fund raiser, or other (which you seem to indicate) then it might be ok. 

If it were an "earned" flap, our lodge has had a number over the years, then I would suggest not wearing it.  

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