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Ordeal to Brotherhood Problem

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I did email the Lodge Chief and adviser about the situation Wednesday after checking it out. I haven't heard back yet. Then again, the Lodge Chief is also on camp staff.


Talking with one of the former CA's, the thought is to talk with the scout, explain nicely what the issue is, and ask him to please hang up and not wear the BARS until next March. In March, contact the Vice Chief of Membership to notify him that the 10 month period is up and he would like to switch sashes.


Is this something that can be handled calmly at the Chapter level, or should we toss it up to the Lodge.


After the ceremony when we were congratulating the new Brotherhoods, he was the only one from my Chapter, I mentioned that I wanted to talk with him in a minute while I was shaking his hand. I thought he literally jumped out of his skin. I definitely gave him a startle. All I wanted was to introduce myself as his CA, and that he would be being contacted by the CC and myself soon. Now I wonder abou the reactionn and whether he knewn and felt he was caught?


I feel that the Chapter officers, though young, could handle this well, with some coaching, and everyone could learn from the experience. The CC and CV's would probably also be a little more compassionate toward the scout, and not give him as a hard time over it, then what he might experience from some of the top dogs.


Any additionl thoughts or suggestions?



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Depends on how your lodge handles things. If conversions are Lodge functions, then the Lodge Chief should handle it; if they're run by the chapters, then the chapter chief. I think that would be a reasonable approach.




Forgive me, but I'm confused. Are you in favor of having the Scout turn in his sash, even though it would embarass him and other Scouts would find out anyway? If that's your position, how is that result any different from writing up a brief item for the newsletter, without names?

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Sounds to me like you have this well planned and will do it in a kind and compassionate manner, bravo. You can tell him the sash will be waiting for him when he is truly and properly eligible to receive this honor.



Yes I think the boy should return the sash, if the lodge deems it appropriate, until he is truly qualified to receive it. The article I feel will just bring the whole situation and just fuel rumors and speculation which is unnecessary and not productive using this case as a warning to other boys. The truth is this is just as much the fault of the youth officers and adult advisors for not doing all the proper verifications before the ceremony as it was the candidates whether intentional or not on his part.

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