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Oa Ordeal Next Week!!!

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Welcome to the Forum, Candidate.


Bring exactly the list of items furnished you by the Secretary of the Lodge. If you have not received a letter from him, contact your OA Troop Representative yet this Memorial Day weekend.


When you get to the campground, do exactly what you are told to do, when you are told to do it.



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Good advice above, just want to add remember to seal your membership in the OA by going for Brotherhood next spring. Hopefully you are joining a active Lodge/Chapter, but if you are not, the OA is run by the youth(under 21 yo) so you can take part in increasing the activity level if it's not, or doing your part in helping keep a good thing going if it is.


Good Luck and keep us posted.

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The ordeal was very good.....I was so HUNGRY when we finally ate dinner. The lodge played a joke on us when we finally got to eat the brought us more of what we ate for lunch but way less and told us to eat it but then they told us they were joking and we finally got to eat and i ate SOOOO much. Thanks For All Who Posted

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I'm glad you had a good Ordeal weekend.

It's sad that some outfits still think it's funny to play jokes on candidates. That would never fly in this chapter (not for the past dozen years anyway).

Welcome to the Brotherhood. Enjoy your journey.




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