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OA adult nominations not happening

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Update - First of all, thanks to all of you for your replies to this thread.


I decided to ask a good friend (another ASM and Arrowman) to feel out the Scoutmaster to find out whether or not the SM would be receptive to nominating me.


I learned from that that the SM was thinking about it already, so I approached him by saying that I would like to help him (by helping with our scouts' OA events, etc.) but that to make that happen I needed his help first. Got it right out in the open. Not an honor; no need for secrecy.


An announcement was made that if any adults were interested in OA membership they should let the SM know. Two of us were recommended and the paperwork was submitted. I was then interviewed by the district adult OA nominations guy, and today I was notified that I have been approved for membership. I plan to sign up for an ordeal next month or in June.

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I and two other ladies were nominated from the district level. While it's not an honor for adults per se, it still felt like one. When I inquired to the chapter chief about my service to the lodge, well, it's a humbling experience to hear all the good people see in what you do and you weren't even looking for a thank you.

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