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When my son joined the Crew he is currently in he also was jointly registered in the Troop that it is an offshoot of.


He was elected the OA this year and last night he got his letter inviting him to the Ordeal.


The OA is something he was always interested in but his previous Troops didnt hold elections (and he wasnt eligible as a Sea Scout) so hes pretty excited about going.


I was initially taken back at the cost for the weekend ($45 for early sign up).


After reading the letter and seeing what the fee covers and what he receives (the letter had a complete list of what the fee covers) and to me the cost is not that bad.


I heard a couple of the other Scouts grumbling about the cost but I dont think its out of line for what he is receiving.


I am curious on what is the cost for an Ordeal weekend in other lodges?


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First off, most Lodge weekends should be a reasonable cost. About $20-25 or so.


Ordeal candidates pay more, because there are additional costs associated with it. Most of the lodges I have been associated include the following ADDITIONAL fees for Ordeal candidates:


* sash

* flap

* OA Handbook

* OA dues for the coming year


If people understood what they were getting for the higher amount, they shouldn't grumble.


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yep emb is right. I know our Ordeals as members are $18. Brotherhood candidate pay more to cover the new sash and Brotherhood lodge flap ( until we run out of them that is). Ordeal candidates do pay more, i don't hawev the figure off the top of my head but about $40-$45 is about right. thast cost covers dues, sash, handbook, and pocket dangle. Also includes a New member packet of information

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Thanks for the answers but the amount sounds about right.

I think the cost for OA members for the weekend was around $20 (includes 1 years dues).


As I don't have the letter in front of me but some of the items listed were:


1 years dues $ 8.00

Food $ 8.00

sash $14.00

flap $ 4.00


I know that the handbook (don't remeber the cost) and a few other items were also included but I can't remeber them all.


I am also looking forward to this weekend.

I was in OA as a youth (Brotherhood) but never got involved as an adult due to my son never having the chance to be elected so I will rejoining(?) and attending also.


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Welcome back to the fold! FWIW, I'ld try fiding any of yoru old things, book, card, sash, etc. so that you can verify you are ane Arrowman. We had one guy trying to pose not only as an Arrowman, but also as a Vigil Honor Member. When no record of him being Vigil could be found, he said he made a mistake and it was Brotherhood. Again nothing could be found. After asking a few questions that ANY Arrowman would remember, the LA realized he had a poser.



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Our Ordeal registration says:

"Cost for OA Candidates is $40.00, which includes all food for the weekend, a new OA sash, OA handbook, OA Lodge pocket patch, and your 2009 annual OA Membership Dues. You can also optionally purchase a Lodge T-shirt." (Elsewhere on the registration it shows that the T-shirt is $12.50.)


Members are $15. This doesn't include the annual dues ($10), the T-shirt ($12.50), or the promotion to Brotherhood ($15, probably for the new sash, flap, etc.).


Overall, I'd say $45 is within the normal range for an Ordeal Candidate.

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Well I just got an email from one lodge that charges $50 for Ordeal candidates. it covers everything that has already mentioned plus the brotherhood sashes for those candidates. yep you heard me, that lodge figured out that by charging $5 extra per candidate, the Brotherhood candidates can go through Brotherhood for free. I guess they see it as an incentive to continue on because they say this method will save folks who are active in the OA $10 the follwoing year.

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