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Suggestions for Trading Post

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We have recently created a logo (separate from, but based on the lodge flap) and now offer clothing and other merchandise to our members with this logo on it. This is not a fundraiser, as we are offering the items at or close to the cost of the item plus silk screening or embroidery. We hope that this helps in bonding together our members by creating an additional way to show identity and support.


We have had requests for and are providing standard items such as tee shirts, sweat shirts, caps, stocking caps, jackets. We are looking for other items that might be of interest both to youth and adults.


Can others share what they may carry in their trading post for conclaves? We also carry the legends for the sashes, Quality Lodge Pins, special issue lodge flaps and a few other items.


We dont want to carry inventory for items that we will not be able to sell, so I am looking for the most popular items to put in our trading post.


Thanks for any input.


Doug Farmer


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It's been my observation that jackets and knit caps sell well. My lodge made a red fleece jacket with the lodge totem embroidered on the back. Very, very popular. Sadly, they don't have them anymore.


A denim, chambray or oxford cloth shirt with the lodge totem above the pocket might prove popular with adults. All of my casual long sleeved shirts have some sort of scouting logo embroidered above the pocket.





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If you are worried about overstock, having pre-orders is a good idea, and only having a few on-hand.


embroidered polo and denim shirts are nice. Same with hats. Depending on the area, jackets & or vests can be popular.


Large backpatch with the lodge logo is nice.


Mugs (by that I mean large plastic mugs that would really be used, not small ceramic coffee mugs) can be an idea, especially if you emphasize that NO cups will be provided during your lodge events (cuts down on cost and trash) and require all to get them.


Backpacks with the logo are nice, but would recommend only doing those by pre-order.


belts and buckles can be popular. You can get the standard leather boy scout belt with your lodge name and number on them.


Embroidered key chains, especially if you do them as 'mini flaps', can be good sellers.


Btw, most lodges in my area make these items, all to raise funds. They don't make them really costly, but do add a little to the manufacturing price.

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