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OA lodge patch on inactives

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How about wearing a flap from a lodge you were inducted to as a youth or an adult that is now defunct? Why would one wear a flap from the council he is in now if he is not participating member of that lodge, that just doesn't make sense.

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"Why would one wear a flap from the council he is in now if he is not participating member of that lodge, that just doesn't make sense."


About 80% of our Lodge members do just that, based on the operative term "participating". Are they current with their dues? I have no idea...but I have my suspicions. Much as it pains me to have to agree with BW...the uniform rules are clear...you can only wear the flap of the lodge you are currently a member of and that can only be the Lodge of your currently registered Council. Other flaps can be worn as temporary patches or as a display on a suitable non-uniform item. When someone asks what the "rules" are, we have to tell them. But what you choose to do with your own uniform is between you and the Great Scoutmaster...but I hear you will be damned to eternal Latrine duty if you disobey.


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As if it matters... to the uniform police it won't / doesn't...


I finally found my old council online last night and looked at their OA web site. According to the history of the OA lodge(s) from my old council, MY particular OA lodge was folded in w/ two other lodges in the mid 1990's and no longer exists.


If I want to put a loop on it and wear it as a temporary patch, the uniform guide says that I may... yes I too can read the regs.


Thanks BW - once again for twisting your post to be a backhanded stab at another scouters personal integrity. Unlike you, I'll be more direct:




It must be hard being so perfect and so right all the time. I'd think Jesus would get jealous.



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What specifically was Bob incorrect about BadenP? I've said it before and I'll say it again. Bob is a big boy and he does not me defending him. Heck, there are times I don't always agree with him, but I don't feel compelled to be petty about it like some folks around here. Just for the record, Dean invoked Bob's name before Bob even responded in this thread by saying he was sure Bob would come along and give him a lashing. When he did respond (with what is hard to argue as being incorrect), you guys decide to pile on.


Grow up!


The purpose of the OA is to recognize scouts who their peers see as a scout's scout. Following Ordeal, an Arrowman makes a decision to embrace the OA by becoming a Brotherhood member. As an Arrowman, our duty is to provide cheerful service. Some of us take it seriously.


The OA is not about getting more patch bling to wear. If you are going to self identify with the OA, then do it correctly by being a dues paying member wearing your Lodge's patch and actively providing service to your unit first and beyond second.

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SR 540


What is with your ranting dude? I was commenting about a specific issue about a now defunct lodge as to when and if you can wear the old flap, I don't know what you are talking about bling?? that was not the issue. If you want to be Bobby's guardian angel, who knows why, then fine but the one who needs to grow up here is you with all your whining, give it a rest already.

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I was at an event recently and had an UCK come up to me and flat out tell me that I was not allowed to wear Eagle Palms on my Eagle knot. He was really addamit about it. He would not leave me alone until I took them off too! Right there and then in front of a whole bunch of scouts. Ranting and raving that I could NOT wear youth "Insignia" on my uniform. He went as far as to holler out if I thought I was some sort of "Adult Scout" or something.


Well I gotta tell ya that his uniform looked like he was a Major General in the army. I don't know about that but he sure was a major something else.


Ya wanna chat about Uniform Police? Here ya go. I am sure that he was one of them for sure. No joke. I asked who his commanding officer was and boy did that miff him off even further!!! It actually really urked me off.


When he went to get a cup off coffee, I jabbed those stupid palms through a spall piece of note paper and slipped it pin side up on his chair when he was sitting back down with that coffee. Ha Ha Ha Haaaaaa


Boy did he holler when those pins stuck to his kiester. Of course he knew who it was...but I was gone and out of there by then.


So there!!! If one of you is that riled up Uniform Inspector...you got what you deserved!!! That that again on me you nut and I will get you back even worse next time!

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While I would not condone your reaction, the guy was not setting a very good example. What's more, he was wrong, according to the uniform guide. Palms can be worn on the knot, just like they are worn on the ribbon of the Eagle badge. Oh well.




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