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How to get OA members excited

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I am planning for my lodge banquet in January--usually about 250 in attendance, but I'm from a 1500 person lodge. How can I boost these numbers for the banquet?


What fun activities can I offer for OA aged kids?

What will draw them in?


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Uhhh... I'm a little past 21, and it seems to me coming to Adviser-age folk for the "good-idea" fairy is a last resort, not a first.


BTW, it's the 3d week of November. If you're just now thinking about Lodge Banquet, I hate to say it, but you're probably behind the power curve!


- Start right after Fall Fellowship!


- GET YOUR CHAPTERS INVOLVED. Have each Chapter run a game.


- Get your LEC committees involved. Ask them to run a game relative to their particular functional task.


- Got plans to go to NOAC? Ask them to put together something, both in terms of the last trip and planning for the next one.


- Older (15-19 year old Arrowmen) might like to attend with their girlfriends. Have you thought of something to make this a fun date an Arrowman can take a young lady to?


- How much does the Lodge do in support of the Scout Reservation? Got a big multimedia slideshow on the fun the Camp Staff has?


I'll let some others chime in now. I do wish you well, but you and your LEC are going to have to work very hard to make this years banquet a good one.

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I have not been active in the OA for a while, but I am a brotherhood. (me holds hand out for slapping for not being active)


Here is what I would say would help...


- Hold regular meetings

- Make it fun

- Allow the elected youth Chief, etc do their job

- Help staff special events like camp-o-ree's and scout shows

- Do things to show off like create a dance or drum team and compete against other lodges and Indian nations

- Get all together to put together a great camp promotion program

- Get everyone to toss in their favorite places to camp and explorer and create a book to give away / sell


Scratches chin... thats all I have for now ... I have never done anything at Lodge level, only Chapter so take what is useful toss rest into cyber space garbage dump ;)


Hope my wacky 2 cents was useful...



Scott Robertson


Helping leaders one click at a time....

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John-in-KC, thanks for the suggestions, but I think you misinterpreted my post. I have been organizing this thing for some time...most everything is set, but I was just looking for any additional last minute attendance boosters. I don't want this to just be a Banquet, I want it to be something that will get kids there and really make them want to get back involved in the OA. Any other suggestions form people out there?

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OK, I did misinterpret.


What's your position in the Lodge? If an Adviser, how has the LEC been delegated authority and responsibility to make this a grand evening?


I do have to agree with Scott, though, a solid year-round program of lodge activity will be a better booster of attendance than a year-end push. Induction weekends, lodge activities during Scout Camp, perhaps a Lodge based OA Service Trek at Philmont for the over-16s... each event builds buzz in the younger Arrowmen, and helps the 17-20 year olds stay involved.

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Unless you are in Hawaii, maybe January weather is keeping back some attendees? You could try holding next years event when it is warmer out (Yah I know, only so many open weekend dates). 250 isn't a bad number though, more than some lodges have total!

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Actually I missed the point to Hills - sorry ... of course I will just blame the hour since I posted that at 1:30 am... lol ...


Banquet attendance ideas...


- have a slide show of lodge and maybe chapter level events

- have some fun activities such as

- demo of drum team

- dance team showing what they do

- Native American crafts

- have the food have a native American theme

- make it youth ran where the lodge chief and one he picks MC's it

- have the lodge youth plan it out

- invite the families of the Arrowmen

- Have some kind of awards ceremony even if just thank you certificates we all have binder full of



Anyways hope this new list is more helpful...


Scott Robertson


Helping leaders one click at a time....

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