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Word is going round that NOAC 2008 will be cancelled or postponed until 2009. Anybody know anything about it? Will ArrowCorps take its' place in 2008?

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Uh, its been known for a couple of years that there was not going to be a NOAC in 2008. NOACs were shifted due to both having Jamboree in 2010, and wanting to put NOACs on a schedule to have on in 2015 for the 100th Anniversary.


Plans are:


2007- National Leadership & Conservation Summit

2008- Arrowcorps5

2009- NOAC

2010- National Scout Jamboree

2011- NOAC

2013- NOAC

2014- National Scout Jamboree

2015- NOAC (100th Anniversary of OA)


note that this leaves an 'open' year in 2012. No idea what, if anything, will happen then.


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