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I am running a ceremony workshop for my lodge in late March over the course of a weekend. If you have any good ideas for ceremony related classes that I could teach at this workshop to help new ceremonialists as well as experienced ones, please share.




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There are a few resources out there. I've attended a "Ceremony" class in 99 as a refresher. Boy!, there are alot of things you don't pick up as an Ordeal candidate or Brotherhood.


I have recently found a powerpoint title Symbolism in the Order of the Arrow, created by "Tray" Murphy of Nawakwa Lodge. There are probably a few other sites out there that provide exactly what you need. But the Nawakwa site and Tray Murphy's email contact on that page should be a good start.




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Also, I'm still looking for class ideas! And if you have anyone in your troop interested in ceremonies that is in the Hill Country area (Tonkawa Lodge or otherwise) come out! Just pre-register anyone that wants to come so that they can have a spot reserved.


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Kichkinet, I'd expect someone with a Username like that to know the difference between "outfits" and regalia... Not meaning to be anal, but it's amazing the offense some take to minor details, which is why regalia making is important, make sure you know what each item put on represents and can be interpreted as.

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