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OJ spent the weekend at Camp Alpine in the wilds of New Jersey attending the NE-Region OA Section Officers Seminar.

He really does enjoy the time he spends with the OA.

NOAC, was a big hit with him!!

But he has been a little down in the dumps. His bid to be our Lodge Chief failed and our Boatswain is the Lodge Chief, the pair of them are really good friends, but he would have liked to have won!!

He is the NE-4B Section Secretary, this is his second year serving in that position. Our Section Chief is a super nice young man. He was a Scout in the 2001 Jambo Troop when I was SM and was my 3rd ASM at the last Jambo.

I have never attended one of these seminars. To be honest I'm not that active in the OA other than the stuff I do with our Lodge,which isn't that much. I don't really know what they do. But whatever it is seems to work. OJ returned home late last night full of the joys of Scouting.

He was wearing a OA T-shirt, the front had just one word on it.


With a statement like that? Need I say more.


(I love this Scouting stuff - Even the Bob Whites!)

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You'd have to be there to understand it. But like any OA weekend, I always have come home feeling good. It feels good when you accomplish a goal set out and the camps benefit from it too. Besides the fellowship and the food! Meeting friends from other districts that you only see at OA weekends and catching up fills the weekend. I guess what our chapter says about Food, Fun and Fellowship just covers it all. It charges all the batteries!

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