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Any one here or know where to get help....

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You can also try: http://www.oaimages.com aka the online OA Bluebook Guide


Unfortunately, there is no way to search by lodge totem at this time. Many lodges have the turtle for its totem. The patch you have a scan of uses the same style turtle as found on many Unami 1 patches/flaps. However, I did not see anything under Unami that was similar to the patch you picked-up. This site also has a "Whats It" section.


Good luck and when you do learn what this is, please share it with the rest of us.

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I got it

269 Me-She-Kin-No-Quah





Looks like that is at least a 30 year old patch you have.


19??: Changed name from Akonequa sometime around 1950

1973: Merged with Ojibwa 173 and Tipicon 425 to form Takachsin 173



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