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What's the admonition??

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For the correct spelling and admonition, I suggest you talk to someone on the ceremony teams, troop OA Rep, chapter/lodge chief, or any advisor for the right stuff, I've seen it spelled a bunch of ways, said more, and bottom line, the ceremony pamphlet has the info.


Sorry can't give it over this thread.

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Like you, I can pronounce it and know what it is. But I couldn't spell it. I had to wait until my Lodge's next event to look at the current handbook (the page number referenced on the jumpstart website is only for the current one--in my old book from 23 years ago, the page referenced is a picture) and get the password for the jumpstart website. It is 'creepy' when you listen to it on that site. Asking around my lodge before looking at the current handbook got me little help or cryptic responses without a correct spelling.


If you know what it is, send me a private message with your best attempt at spelling it and tell me what it means. I will then send you the correct spelling, one brother to another.

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