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Welcome our New Moderator, Hops_Scout!

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I am pleased to announce that the SCOUTER.com Forums has added a new Moderator to help organize the discussions here. Hops_Scout, whom many of you have come to know as a helpful and thoughtful young man through his contributions to the Forum, has agreed to lend us a helping hand.


Hops_Scout, as a youth member in our midst, has often done a nice job of setting an example for everyone. I'm sure he makes a fine SPL in real life, and I am pleased to have him serve in a similar capacity within this Forum.


He has the authority to move, delete or edit posts as necessary. Hops_Scout and I have spoken a bit, and I have given him my thoughts on what role a Moderator should play. As a general rule, you'll find the Moderators rarely need to step in. More often than not, the Moderator's biggest role is just in keeping posts organized within the category.


But on rare occasion, the Moderator might need to step in and edit or remove a post that violates the Rules of Decorum for the Forum. It is a shame when a Moderator has to do this, and it doesn't happen very often. The Moderator is not here to censor opinions, just to keep the discussions honest and filter out the non-sense, if necessary.


Please welcome Hops_Scout as a "SPL for the Forums".



SCOUTER.com Publisher


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Scouter Terry -- I can not believe you did this!


Actually, I mean that in the best sense of ever word.


To name an honorable Scout such as Hops as a Moderator is a stroke of genius!


Well Deserved, Sir Hops!


I'm elated. That doesn't happen very often, but I'm elated. I can think of no other word.


A Scout salute from me to you both.


I'll sleep with a smile on my face. Hops -- You DA MAN!


Unc. ;)



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Hops, although I already congratulated you in the other thread, I saw a mention (in an already closed thread) that you hadn't gotten as many posts as OGE. I think if people count the posts in the other thread that also refer to you, you'd move up a bit. Though it isn't a contest of course.


So anyway: Congratulations!


Though I have to say that under the circumstances, btps may have found a better thing to say in this situation, which is: Good luck. :)


By the way Hops, I'm sort of assuming you already have the Computers merit badge, maybe for being a moderator they have some sort of extra oak-leaf cluster or something for you. :)

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LOL, actually no, I dont have computer merit badge yet. Or communications.


Two merit badges I think really need to be updated are computers and photography.


Computers are all Windows 3.1 type stuff and Photography is all film instead of digital stuff

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