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We just had our Fall induction weekend.


We had 3 groups of 60 go through Brotherhood. They used the Nemat Hike method.


As an adult, I believe my Lodge has a challenge here... the folks who supervise the work day crews (many of whom hold the Vigil) are not the ones who then take the hike. They go out and go back to other projects. While that is good for the camp, I'm not sure we dis-serve the Ordeal members seeking the Brotherhood.


To my simple mind, we who serve as Nemats, especially on the adult side, should lead a work crew appropriate to our skills, then go with them on the hike. Leading the work crew would allow us to ask the traditional "Brotherhood knowledge" questions in a non-threatening, NOT pass-fail environment. We can make sure members know the handshake, the Admonition, and the Obligation. We can share the story of the Ordeal, helping the members seeking to seal by recounting the pieces and parts.


Finally, I was specifically commenting to Vicki's post, which implied her Lodge either has not yet adopted the Nemat program, or has abandoned it.(This message has been edited by John-in-KC)

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