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Quest for the Golden Arrow

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Well, I can give you some of the events done at our Section Conference's Quest:


2004 events:


Group Hug (get as many people as possible on a 3 ft square)

Sand Ski Race

Smoothie Delight (spin wheel to findout what 2 items will go in your smoothie)

Mortar Madness (laugh items with slingshoot, must be caught by others)

Labyrinth (blindfolded members with titled maze, another member gives verbal instructions)


Shake Rattle Roll

Nerdling (4 members run course holding a 8 foot pole between legs)


2005 events

Leaky bucket (fill bucket which has holes in it)

Group Hug

Spider's web (web of rope group must pass thru opening, only one opening may be used ever)

Do a good turn daily (team stand on tarp, must flip tarp over without getting off it)

Seminole run (relay run with secret word whispered to team members)


Hope this helps


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The quest is a competition held at conclave between the lodges in the section. Events include some team and individual athletic games and contests of knowledge. As a prize the victorious lodge gets to keep the Golden Arrow (a large arrow that is about five feet long and golden) until the next Conclave.

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As noted, its a competition event between the lodges of the section held at Section Conclave/Conference.


In my section its a golden medal arrow about 2 feet long kept in a wooden display case. On the lid is a plaque upon which is engraved all the lodges who have won it, and the year(s) they have done so.


Another long standing event in my section is the Adult Sinkathon, in which the lodge advisor and staff advisor of each lodge are put into canoes (1 canoe per lodge) and using just #10 buckets, try to sink the canoes of the other lodge advisors. Last lodge afloat wins. The traveling trophy for that has a cypress knee with a canoeist on the top, again with a plaque with all the winners over the years engraved on it.


The event is so long standing, that many of our lodges will hold a similiar event within their own lodges, using between chapters.

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