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After 2 years of trying to have elections in our troop, we finally had them at summer camp. Now, here is my question...one of our scouts that is scheduled to go thru his ordeal this weekend is on crutches. He sprained his foot last night. Can he still go thru the ordeal or should he wait?

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I would think that this would be up to the Lodge. Based on past practices, in our Lodge I believe he would be allowed to do his ordeal, but would be given tasks that he could do despite his disability. It would be handled in the same way as any young man with a disability would be handled.

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Is there another ordeal weekend in your lodge within one year from when he was elected? If so, I would encourage him to go to that one, as he will have a better time if he is not on crutches.


If not, have him go to this ordeal weekend. Tell the lodge about the situation ASAP. According to national policy they need to be extremly accomidating to people with disabilities (in my opinion, temporary ones included).

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hunting wolf,


Our Lodge Election Committee is not involved with Ordeal Elections. Ordeal elections are done on the Chapter level coordinated by the Chapter Advisor. Ordeal information is then sent to our Lodge Registrar who deals with all of the paperwork.

Our Lodge (coordinating with all of our Chapters) sets no artificial election time period. We have Ordeals in September, March, and May/June, with a Fellowship in October. Elections are encouraged, promoted, and supported all year long, by our Chapter Election Committees throughout our Lodge.

That's how our Lodge is executing Chapter 2 of the National OA's Guide to Inductions.

Get over yourself.




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First Problem here. Elections are handled by the local chapter. "Chapter"'s have the same geographic boundries as the District. The Chapter Advisor should be listed as part of the District leadership. If not, call the Lodge (The Council will have contact information for the Lodge Advisor.) Ask the Chapter Advisor for the dates of election season and have several dates available that fall into the season. HALF OF THE REGISTERED BOYS PLUS ONE MUST BE PRESENT AT THE ELECTION FOR A VALID ELECTION !!! If that number is not present, no election. Advertise the date at the troop meetings starting about a month before. The election team will come to your troop meeting wearing their sashes. Turn the troop meeting over to them for the election. Here's a big suggestion: Have enought copies of the final ballot (All boys with enough nights of camping and 1stClass and above that the SM edits for only those who live up to the Scout Oath and Law in their daily livesonly on the ballot. SM has final say.)for all registered scouts to vote twice. If no boys are elected on the first ballot, the Election Team will take a second ballot. If no one is elected after the second ballot, the election ends.


Yes, it is a matter of timing. I would start calling now. Seems election seasons vary from Council.


Holaka's qusetion: Arangements can be made for those recovering from injuries. They are given tasks that the restrictions of their healing will not interfere with. I've seen boys confined to wheelchairs go through Ordeal. Something will be found for them to do. I do not know of a candidate yet who wanted to pospone his Ordeal for any reason. Go for it!




Greying Beaver


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"We did not attend summer camp for the last two years, because we didn't have the boys to attend. Our only boy who is Eligible for OA, has attended NYLT (out of council, since ours didn't get enough boys registered) and Jambo."


Wow. If our council operated this way, most troops could never go to summer camp. Troops sponsored by the Latter Day Saints are typically not much bigger than 6 scouts (they use Scouting for their male youth group program).


Why are small troops penalized this way? Is it just a matter that because you have less than 10 boys, the adults can not go for free or at a reduced rate? I would suggest finding another small troop and reserve a campsite together, if 10 is the minimum.


And a minimum number of boys in a troop should not be a requirement for NYLT. I think a minimum rank, a minimum age, and at least one long-term camping experience (more than 3 nights) is appropriate. Sounds like some ridiculous things going on in your council, or you are getting the wrong information.


As far as Order of the Arrow: Local Lodges are allowed to determine a season for elections. The national OA guidance suggests a letter written to each Troop about the elections, but does not require it. I think typically these elections are held in the late winter and early spring, so that the Ordeals can take place prior to summer camp. This is so that the work projects can be performed prior to the summer camp season. Then, as others have mentioned, sometimes there is a fall ordeal weekend to catch candidates who could not attend the spring Ordeals. However, not every Lodge is as rigid as that. The council I am in now has four ordeal weekends, and you can go to any of them. I find it a little strange if your local lodge has its election season in the fall, but that could be the case.


Also, there is no minimum time between an election and attendance at an Ordeal. Finally, the Jamboree and NYLT experience your 15-year-old has had qualify him for the "long term camping" requirement for OA; it does not have to be a council summer camp week. It could be your own troop's long term camp, done at a place and time of your own choosing.


The OA lodge should have some sort of elections committee chairman, a youth, who should be able to arrange for an election in your troop. An election team should show up at a prearranged time. They will give a presentation on what the OA is and will ask your Scoutmaster to verify that at least half of all active troop members are present. They should run the election, and the results passed to the Scoutmaster. He can either announce who got elected or can keep it a surprise until the "call-out" ceremony. I believe the rule is that the candidate must attend an Ordeal within 365 days of his election. The next election must occur at least 365 days later and not before.


As far as the Lodge Advisor, if you continue to have problems with him, contact the professional scouter in your council who is responsible for monitoring and oversight of the Order of the Arrow program (usually an additional duty for a District Executive, or whatever they call them now).



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