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I'm sure that someone can point me in the right direction.

First let me make it very clear that the question is about youth members not adults and has nothing to do with correct uniforming.

If a Lad has been in a Boy Scout Troop and then at 15 years old decides that he wants to join a Venturing Crew or Sea Scouts can he continue in the OA if he has been called/tapped out and done the ordeal, while a Boy Scout.

I'm aware that he can be both a Boy Scout and a Venture.r, but let's say he wants to not continue in the Troop?

If there is any BSA publication or literature that covers this please help by showing me where to find it.



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Yes definitely.Though many people try to seperate Venturing from Boy Scouts, a Venturer is still a member of the BSA.If an adult were to have been elected into OA as a youth and became registered as a leader in Cub Scouts or Ventureing he could be an active OA member,as long as he's registered in a scouting unit that is part of the overall BSA program.

Sorry Eamonn that I don't know of a publication to point you to,but as a Chapter Advisor for the past six years,I have seen this accepted by the Lodge,have seen a Venture leader selected for Vigil and that has to go through National.So all the evidence I've seen points to it being a true thing.

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Acording to the FAQ's on the National OA website "Once a person youth or adult has completed thier ordeal they are considered members of the OA for life ireguardless of the program in scouting thier in"


Got that same answer from the Lodge Advisor here locally as well



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Thanks docjwt!!

I had been to the OA site but had missed :

Q/A: Restarting Active OA Membership

Q: When I was a Scout as a boy, I was in the OA and went through my Ordeal and Brotherhood. I am now an adult leader in my son's troop. Am I automatically in the OA (in other words, is OA a lifetime membership)? Or do I have to start all over with another Ordeal, and so forth?


A: Once a Scout goes through his Ordeal, he is a member of the Order of the Arrow for the rest of his life. OA membership does require a person be registered with the BSA, so if you left the Scouting program for a while, your OA membership would lapse as well.


That was the answer I was looking for, I thought I was right but needed a reference.

You Da Man




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