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Forgive me if this topic has been posted before (it seems awfully familiar but I couldn't find anything familiar here in these forums)....


What does your lodge do to 'recruit' elangomats for the ordeal(s)? Is there any incentive that you use? Aside from simple recognition, my lodge offers a small pocket dangling patch for elangomats, but I think we need to do more. I'd like some ideas. Thanks.

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The youth in my Lodge do several things:


Elangomats have distinctive T-shirts while on duty. I do not know at what point they get to keep those shirts as their own.


Elangomats can earn a coup for their coup thong or necklace:



I think part of the problem we don't train our young Arrowmen on WHY elangomats are needed! An elangomat wears at least two hats: He sets an EXAMPLE by repeating his Ordeal. He's a work crew LEADER, responsible for the safety, output, and cheefrul service of his candidates.


So, train your arrowmen. If your Lodge has a fall fellowship or winter banquet, those are ideal opportunities.


My two cents is only worth 1/2 cent these days. It's you who are under 21 who have to effect the change. I gave up my right to that in 1976.

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